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How To Find Mens Apparel That Fits


If you want to find a good mens apparel and to dress well be wary of two things; color and balance. Learn what colors suit you and how to find mens apparel that create you a balanced outfit.

Step 1

There are two techniques that teach you how to choose colors:
The first says; colors that are found in shades of hair color and your skin should be found on the clothes that you choose to wear. The features of a man can be considered either contrasting or hard to notice. If you have dark hair and light skin then you match contrasting colors. If you have the same skin color and hair colors it suits you more hard to notice clothes. Asians have contrasting traits so for them are suited outfits in contrasting colors.

Step 2

The second technique is to use color to beautify facial features. It is important that you consider; the type of skin, hair and eye color, different skin pigmentation. Most men have learned to create a harmony between suit, tie and shirt; a classic man considers the shirt the most important piece outfit for a mens apparel.

Step 3

Size and shape of the collar is tied to shape and how big is the head from the rest of the body. A wider collar will create balance and a longer, sharp front. That is very important for a mens apparel. Men with long neck should choose the higher-collar shirt, while men with short neck will need a short collar shirt and not very tight on the neck. Small collar makes a big head look even bigger.

Step 4

The collar can balance facial features: pronounced features can be tamed and features that are not visible can become more powerful. Men with pronounced features and elongated faces should wear sharp collared shirts. Men with round faces should wear round and tight collars. The mens apparel can be very good if you consider that advice.

Step 5

To know that you have selected the correct shirt you should put two fingers between the neck and shirt tied to the first two buttons above. A shirt must allow you to sit down without having to be afraid that you will snap the buttons of the shirt. A shirt must allow you to stretch your arms free and not leave your pants. It is very important when you choose a mens apparel to know that. When wearing a tie, the collar must remain stuck on the shirt even when you turn your neck. The sleeve should be tight on the wrist, because the extra material at the sleeve does not fall down on the hand.


For a mens apparel it is important how formal is the shirt. The more narrow a collar and open wider the more formal the shirt collar. A two-button cuff shirt is more formal than a one button cuffed. If the material is smoother and brighter the shirt is even more elegant. The suit jacket is also an important piece for a mens apparel. Jacket shoulders should fall well without being too high, look more natural. An inch of shirt collar should leave the suit jacket. Size to the arm length, length of jacket sleeves must be up to the thumbs knot.

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We hope this material will help you chose a mens apparel that fits you. We must always choose what we like most and what we are comfortable wearing, but some rules must be respected.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/12/2012
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