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How To Shop For Clearance Apparel

Published at 02/22/2012 05:49:03


Finding fashionable and stylish clothing on a budget can be difficult. The easiest way to find the clothing you like without spending too much money is to take advantage of apparel clearance sales. You can find these online and in stores at various times and places.

Step 1

Clearance Sections

Apparel clearance sections are obvious places to find apparel clearance items. Most stores have a clearance section or clearance rack where they keep their discounted apparel. Some stores update their clearance sections on a daily or weekly basis, and others will only add and remove items as the seasons change and new clothing and merchandise arrives. Apparel clearance items in the clearance sections may be in limited sizes and styles. If you want to get the best selection when shopping the clearance section at local stores, check the racks early in the morning at the beginning and end of each week.

Step 2

Off-Season Clothing

Shop for apparel clearance sales during the off-season. Look for summer apparel clearance items in the fall or winter. Shop for winter clearance items in the spring or summer. Most stores will take down their apparel as the seasons change to make room for the new season's inventory. If shopping for off-season clothing, try to find basic items that are likely to still be in style when the next year arrives. This will ensure you do not waste money on items you will not be able to wear.

Step 3

Online Clearance

Shopping online is a great way to find apparel clearance deals. You can visit the websites of your favorite stores to shop and browse the clothing selection. If the store website has a clearance page, visit it to find the best apparel clearance deals on the website. Compare the prices and selection at several stores to find the best apparel clearance prices. Consider the shipping costs when purchasing apparel online. Shipping can often cost more than the apparel, and this will kill the good deal. Always check size charts and return policies before ordering clothing online.

Step 4

Outlet Stores

Find a local outlet store in your area to find apparel clearance sections with a lot of variety. You can search online for specific stores or an outlet mall that has a variety of outlet stores in one location. Visit each outlet store to find the apparel clearance items you are looking for. If you have coupons, be sure to bring them with you on your shopping trip to save even more money on your apparel clearance purchases. Some outlet stores may have a special section that contains apparel clearance items. These clearance sections can allow you to save even more money on apparel clearance items that are already low-priced.

Step 5

Clearance Sales

Be on the lookout for clearance sales in your area. Some clothing stores only offer apparel clearance sales a few times a year. When the sale is over, they remove the clothing from the store. Check your newspaper, advertiser, store website, store flyers and window signs to see when the next sale will take place. You can also talk with store employees to get the appropriate dates.



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