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How To Find Activewear Apparel For Plus Size Women


Activewear apparel is often worn when people work out or are active. Plus size women are no exception, but they may have a harder time finding activewear apparel in their size. If you are unable to locate plus size activewear apparel in your city, consider shopping online or from plus size catalogs.

Step 1

Plus Size Stores

Plus size stores carry clothing that is specifically designed to fit plus size women. Not only are the clothes the right size, but they also consider the different body shapes of a plus size woman and aim to look flattering and stylish. Most plus size clothing stores carry all different types of clothing including activewear apparel. If you are unable to find activewear apparel in the store, ask a store associate to help you. Some stores will have their clothes sorted by category such as activewear apparel, dress apparel and casual apparel. Others will sort their clothing by size. The store employee will be able to direct you to the right section. While shopping in the store, try on the activewear apparel you like to make sure it is comfortable and fits well. Keep in mind you will be working out and moving a lot in this apparel. Stretch your arms above your head and bend over to make sure the clothing is comfortable while you are being active.

Step 2


Shopping online for activewear apparel is a great way to find discounted prices and a wide variety of style and sizes. You can search online for specific stores that sell plus size activewear apparel or browse the selections at many stores to find the size you need. Be sure to check size chart before purchasing the apparel to make sure you are buying the right size. Someone online stores do not allow returns and if returns are offered, you will have to pay for the return shipping in most cases.

Step 3

Department Stores

Many department stores carry activewear apparel. Some may not have plus size apparel, but many do. The brands and styles may also be limited but prices are often cheaper than those found in activewear stores or brand specific stores. Department stores may only carry certain types of activewear apparel such as sports bras and sweat shirts and sweat pants. Department store websites may offer a better selection.

Step 4

Activewear Stores

Activewear stores are a good place to find plus size activewear apparel because they specialize in that type of clothing. Check for a plus size section in the store or browse through various sections to find the activewear apparel in your size. Try on the items to make sure they fit. Some activewear apparel may fit differently then other types of clothing. Therefore, you may wear a different size than what you think. Remember most activewear apparel is made from fabric that will shrink when washed and dried. Keep this in mind as you shop for activewear apparel.

Step 5

Plus Size Catalogs

Many people who wear plus size clothing receive plus size catalogs in the mail. Check the catalog to see if they offer activewear apparel. You can either order by mail using the form in the catalog or call the customer service number to place your order over the phone. Check your measurements and compare them to the size chart before ordering.

By Ellisha Mannering, published at 02/13/2012
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