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How To Find Discount Athletic Apparel


Many athletes choose to wear athletic apparel while working out, competing or performing. Athletic apparel is designed to be easy to move in, provide protection for certain sports and help cool the body. If you are extremely active or play several different sports, you may find yourself needing to purchase athletic apparel on a regular basis. To help you save money on your purchases, look for discounted athletic apparel. Discounted apparel is often the same quality as regular priced apparel but is significantly cheaper and more budget friendly.



Step 1

Shop online for discount athletic apparel. You can shop online at your favorite department store websites or the websites of your favorite athletic brands. Many online stores offer better prices and a better selection of discount athletic apparel. You can also visit the clearance section of the website to find even better deals on the apparel you wish to purchase. One you have found the items you want to buy, add them to your online shopping cart and complete the checkout process. You will be asked to enter your credit or debit card information as well as your billing and shipping addresses. Some website may also take PayPal or other payment types. Save or print out a copy of your receipt in case you need to track your order or return any of the items in your order.

Step 2

Take advantage of coupons. You can find clippable coupons from your newspaper or advertiser. Most coupons can be used at specific stores, but some manufacturer coupons may be able to be used at multiple stores as long as they carry that brand of athletic apparel. If you are ordering your athletic apparel online, you can find online coupon codes and promotional codes that can be entered at the checkout. You can find online codes on various coupons websites or by using a search engine. Be sure to check the expiration dates on the coupons before you attempt to use them.

Step 3

Shop for discount athletic apparel at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store. These stores take donations from individuals and sell them to the public at discounted prices. You can find gently used athletic apparel and significantly discounted prices. Some second-hand stores even have special sale days where their items are priced even cheaper than normal. Shopping at these stores is a great way to save money on athletic apparel while giving back to a charity or your community.

Step 4

Shop at consignment stores. Consignment stores allow shoppers to trade in their gently used items for store credits. Collect clothing items you no longer need and bring them to your local consignment shop. Use the store credit you get from your items to buy your athletic apparel. Since you were using store credits, you will be purchasing the athletic apparel cheaper than what you would find in a retail store.

Step 5

Shop the clearance racks at your local stores and take advantage of in-store sales. Many stores will have certain days out of the month when they will have sales. Also check with the stores around holidays such as Thanksgiving, Labor Day and after Christmas. Combine clearance racks, sale days and coupons to get maximum savings.


Shop early to get the best prices and selection.

Set a budget to avoid spending too much money.

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