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How To Dress Up Black Apparel


Black outfits are a great way to combine casual and comfortable items to create a classy look that can be worn to all types of events and settings. If you feel that black apparel is boring or dull, you can dress up the apparel in a variety of ways. Choosing the right accessories to add to your outfit can take it to a whole new level.


Step 1

Jewelry can dress up any outfit, but is especially effective at dressing up black apparel. Decide the type of style you are trying to achieve and choose a casual piece that adds a little pop to your outfit or a large, bold piece that offsets the black. Gemstone and gold or silver jewelry stand out well against black apparel, or colored costume jewelry can be used to add more colors such as red, turquoise or white. Avoid going overboard with too much jewelry. Also avoid too much of one color or gemstone. Keep it simple and elegant for a classy and timeless look.

Step 2

Accessories are a fun and inexpensive way to dress up your black apparel. Scarves can be tied around the neck to create a fun and classy look. Jeweled belts standout well against black apparel. Choose other accessories such as ties, broaches, gloves or socks to change the entire look of the black apparel. Consider the type of outfit you are wearing when choosing accessories. While a scarf may be acceptable for a casual or office look, it would not go well with formal black apparel. Ties can be worn on most formal occasions as well as to the office. Avoid using too many accessories as this could wash-out the black and ruin the entire look or statement of your outfit.

Step 3

Shoes can change the entire look of black apparel. If you are going for a sleek and professional look, stick with black or gray shoes. For a fun way to add color, choose a bright shoe such as a red, white, pink or other bright colored shoes. If wearing black slacks or dress pants, choose dress shoes, if wearing a more casual outfit, where sandals or boots to dress up the black apparel.

Step 4

Layers can create fun and dressy looks with otherwise dull black apparel. A colorful camisole under a black t-shirt or sweater can add a pop of color and change the entire look. A bright or patterned cardigan can dress up black apparel in the winter. Jackets can also add a pop of color and change the look of black apparel. Check your closet to see how you can use your other clothing items to improve the look of plain black apparel. Get creative and try bright colors and bold patterns for a fun and unique style.

Step 5

Hair accessories can be added to any type of outfit but can really bring a creative and dressy look to black apparel. Headbands that are decorated with jewels, flowers or feathers can dress up black apparel and make an outfit more formal and sophisticated. Hats can also be used to take black apparel to a casual or formal level, depending on the hat style.


Read magazines and look through catalogs to find new ways to dress up your black apparel.

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