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What Is Apparel Software?

Published at 02/16/2012 10:18:59

What is apparel software?

In the present age of advanced technology, everything has become much easier and resolved by the help of computers. Paper work and manual work has now been reduced down to almost nothing. All the matters are computerized handled using specific softwares for variable tasks. Similarly there are multiple softwares that are available in the market for apparel work. If you are a garments manufacturer then you also need to have apparel software that will assist you a great deal. It will give you quick and easy solutions to all the issues regarding the manufacturing of the cloth. Apparel softwares have become a very important part of the fashion and textile industry.


Apparel softwares include terms relating to shelf products (Stock Keeping Units), nesting, cut order, draping of fabrics and product life cycle. Mainly apparel software acts as the brain behind the manufacturing of apparel and helps boost the production and business.

The functions of apparel software include pre-packing of the units of the product. The software manages the appropriation of quantity and quality while the packaging is being done. For example, the software groups identical apparels together in form of bulks under a single description which allows easy distinction between different size, color and material apparels.


One of the major features of apparel softwares used by apparel manufacturers is alteration. They can assist in designing techniques of apparels. Any sort of color, print, measurement alterations can be made easily using apparel softwares.

When dealing in fabric apparels there is a lot of chance that during the cutting and designing process quite much of fabric is lost as waste. However apparel software helps losing the least possible amount of fabric by conducting accurate calculations that are normally unachievable if attempted manually. The software instructs the machines to perform the designing and cutting process according to the calculations made to avoid a lot of fabric waste. This process is called nesting. It involves the efficient utilization of the available resources, controlled by highly accurate algorithmic features of apparel software.There are many software avilable in this globe, but apparel software is fine.

Tips and comments

Apparel software keeps track of the resources being used for the fabric apparel. Its job is to efficiently utilize the available resources and manage them to produce the required amount of products. All the orders for production are also managed and maintained by it so that there is a proper record and supervision of the amount of orders, the completed orders and the ones that are yet pending. The software also supports features of sending some documents or receipts regarding the order to the purchaser in advance of the order delivery to acknowledge them about the availability and shipping criteria of the ordered package.

The apparel software gives each lot or package a specific identity number as its license number for verification. It instructs the delivery of the units to the distributors and purchasers and also keeps tracks of the amount of units available in the store of the company. As a whole, apparel software almost runs the complete production procedure of apparels.