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Different Types Of Apparel Socks


Going for your socks shopping today? Well, we wish you good luck for this shopping experience of yours in case you just do not know what to look for. Yes, like all the other garments and footwear types, apparel socks also come in a variety of its unique types that differ from each other in terms of their use, occasion and length. Ranging from a wide collection of these socks in different lengths and attractive colors, you might confuse yourselves with right pair for the wrong function. Therefore, when planning to buy yourselves a new pair of apparel socks, you may want to first find out what type of socks do you really want to buy?


With the initial models of apparel socks arriving as an outcome of animal skin, it was gathered around the ankle and was then tied with two of its loose ends. Especially the ancient Greeks of the 8th century BC who highlighted the use of these socks in their daily lives made up of matted furs from animal skins to provide them with the warmth they needed due to the cold weather. Later during the 5th century, the trend was followed by the Romans as well the Europeans who re-named it as ‘puttees’. With this new fellow entering the competitive world, it soon became a sign of wealth by the 1000 AD and as a result, ended up in a series of commonly used apparel.


To find out about the different types of apparel socks available in your nearest stores, we introduce you to just the basics that you need to know about. Firstly, knee socks are the most common type that we have seen around worn in winters by all. But, it has more to it which is the fact that it is most suitable for formal or office wear to avoid any show of skin from beneath your pants. Ankle socks or crew socks are also a type that is mostly worn with sportswear to easily support the heat generated by a person’s body resulting in sweating and is also commonly worn under jeans for a casual look. Another type known as low cut socks are a shorter version of the knee length socks usually worn with shorts which have even become a symbol of style at the moment as well.

Tips and comments

When looking for the perfect pair of apparel socks, you might want to keep a few of these tips in mind to keep yourself from any embarrassing fashion don’ts. For instance, matching your socks is highly considered a part of a person’s grooming therefore never wear socks that are opposite to the color of your clothes. Moreover, if you are wearing socks to work, always make sure that you wear a pair of lengthy socks till your knees so that they do not slip down as soon as you sit down and show your skin from your pants pushed up. So before you make any disasters, make sure you follow all the basic rules of matching as well as grooming to avoid any awkward moments at your workplace or a dinner party.

By Amara, published at 02/14/2012
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