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Top 7 Styles Of Jeans Apparel


What is that one essential piece of garment that anybody’s wardrobe will be absolutely incomplete without? A dress, jacket or a bikini? Hmm, No; it is most certainly a fine pair of apparel jeans that you just cannot do without. Gracing the stores with a large variety of different types, cuts and shapes of these pairs of magical creatures, a good pair of apparel jeans have become a must-have for every man and woman. As far as the latest trends are concerned, we open up all the latest dos and don’ts to you as we present to you the top seven styles of jeans to bring that boom in your look every day.


With the apparel jeans taking their course from being a simple wearable pair of trousers worn by the working class during the World War II, no one would have ever known how big it would turn out to be one day. Initially, the zippers of the male jeans were place on the center front of this garment while the women’s zippers were placed on the right side of it which soon changed in 1960 to what the zippers of both, men and women look like. Since the determination of a masculine pair and feminine pair of jeans was hard to determine, the left and the right sides were assigned to both the genders for better and quick identification.


From a front row runway show to a downtown club, jeans are the way to go with every place, occasion or function. Coming forth with the most latest of all apparel jeans styles, the skinny jeans top the list with its irresistible skin tight fit that accentuates your curvy body and legs. As a matter of fact, this top trend is highly common among both, men and women. The second top style is the cropped slim jeans that suit almost every body type to carry out your style statement. The third being the chino-cut jeans, these are also a massive hit on the hotness scale but needs the rest of the look to be very cool in order to carry it out well. Fourthly, the boyfriend jeans are another magical pair that probably never goes out of style! On the fifth number we have the Gwenevere jeans that are a slimmer version of cropped pants that are often faded with slight sandblast. The sixth one being the A jeans, the style supports a high waist and a wide room for your legs which is rolling back in fashion. Lastly the classic Levi jeans are the one pair that no closet can be complete without. Simple and sexy, this straight pair highlighting just enough portion of your thighs and going down straight is a must have for all season.

Tips and comments

When buying your most wanted pair of apparel jeans, always remember to try them first before coming down to a final decision. As most of the stores vary from each other in their standard size guides, trying on a pair of these jeans will help you find out exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, you may want to avoid any type of overcrowding embroideries or embellishments on your jeans as they are a total no-no this season.

By Amara, published at 02/14/2012
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Top 7 Styles Of Jeans Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.