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How To Care For Your Silk Apparell

Published at 02/23/2012 13:53:35


Silk is a luxurious material that screams elegance and wealth. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to care for and store. If improperly laundered and stored, your silk garments will suffer from fading, stains, rips or be ruined all-together. Caring for your silk apparell doesn’t have to mean spending hours and hard earned money washing the garments meticulously. Instead, use some easy to follow instructions to keep your silk apparell looking silky, smooth and expensive for several years to come.

Step 1

Spot treat the silk apparell before attempting to hand or machine wash. Use a commercial product intended for use on silk according to the package directions. If no product is available, use a mixture of one tablespoon cornstarch and one tablespoon mild laundry soap to gently and effectively remove the stain. Once again, use caution and avoid harsh detergents to avoid staining or damaging the silk apparell.

Step 2

Hand wash your silk apparell to effectively retain its beauty and elegance. Start by filling a clean sink or basin with lukewarm water. Pour in two to three tablespoons, depending on the number of items being washed, of gentle soap into the water and agitate to incorporate the product. Submerge the silk items one at a time into the water and use your hands alone to work the soapy solution through the garment.

Step 3

Rinse the silk apparell well under a lukewarm tap to remove any soapy residue. Instead of wringing out the garment, which will damage the delicate material, hold the piece over the basin or sink for a few minutes to allow the excess water to drain. Roll the garment inside a towel and gently squeeze to remove the excess water. Hang the garment to dry and check on it often, as silk doesn’t require a long drying time.

Step 4

Wash polyester blend silks in the washing machine to save time, as these stronger garments can withstand the machine’s agitation. Place the garments alone inside the machine and wash the silk apparell on a “delicate” cycle with the mild laundry soap. Allow the machine to finish its final cycle and once again, hang it to dry. Avoid placing the garment inside a dryer, especially if it features embellishments, such as lace or rhinestones.

Step 5

Store your silk apparell in a warm dry place to avoid discoloration, damage or mold. Hang the silk garments on a wooden hangar or store them in a wooden chest that allows for proper air movement. Avoid placing silk items in plastic bins or bags to allow air to reach the delicate material. Avoid spraying chemicals, including perfume or hairspray, near the silk. These products can discolor silk to the point it will require professional cleaning.


Bring your silk apparell to the dry cleaner, if the label suggests doing so. Don’t attempt to launder “dry clean only” silk pieces as home, as the chemicals required to effectively launder these garments should be used by a professional only. If you spill on your silk garment, dab at the liquid immediately to remove the excess. Avoid rubbing at the stain to prevent working the liquid further into the garment.

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