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Tips And Tricks For Designing Women's Apparel


In the modern and contemporary age designing the clothes has become a complete necessity. It is increasingly becoming important because the fashion industry from every part of the world Milan, Paris, London, Ney York, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan and India has expanded and is being given much significance which has created more competition.

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Every year there are many trends that come and go with numerous fads of varying style. Designing apparel women’s has become the focal point of women who are getting engaged in this business creating minor niches in the industry and some designers are doing magic with the niche they are penetrating wiping out the minor niches that end up being called so not famous brands only.

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Apparel women's will vary from woman to woman and various factors such as finance, color, size and height will play a significant role in the process of designing the attire for women. Some women are very tall their image and clothing will be different from the shorter women or the round women for that matter.

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Some are petite while others are large petite. Oxymoron? Yes but it is true. Women’s fashion will vary in every case and so apparel women’s should be chosen carefully. Apparel women’s will also be heavily influenced by occasions since they make a whole lot of difference.

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Apparel women’s for the petite should be focused on monochromatic outfits which is the wearing of the same color head to toe to look more pulled together and taller. This works specially for shorter women. This rule isn’t applicable to the white color and instead of wearing white shoes which is very much reserved to nurses women should try wearing nude colored shoes and nude hose and hosiery. Your appearance can drastically be improved by wearing pants that are not wide legged.

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It is essential to avoid capris and cropped pants. Petite and short women shouldn’t always wear tight clothes that are body hugging since they will show every flaw of the body and outfits that are too big will look silly. When choosing handbags and purses you need to make sure they fit your frame. You can take famous short and petite sized women to set as an ideal with your own fashion statement for example Salma Hayek, Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nancy Reagan. If you intend to go to a daytime wedding look for a sleath, dark dress with jewelry, make up and accessories to get that simple yet formal look. If you are going for a party don’t underestimate the effect that a nicely fitted jeans or denims can create with a classy silk shirt that shows a bit of skin. It can grab all the attention from your surrounding and in no time you will be in lime light. Darker colors are more slimming for apparel women s.


Apparel women’s should be carefully designed with great attention to the little things since they together make the bigger difference. One essential that all women should know while designing apparel women’s is that you should wear what suits you the best and you know that better. Follow your heart don’t imitate people and latest trend. If a vintage look makes you look classy and it makes you stand out go for that type of apparel women s.

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By Anushay Q., published at 02/15/2012
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