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Top Five Stores That Sell Girls Apparel


Fashion has become a necessity because of the hype that is being given to this segment everywhere in the world. In the past centuries many fads have come and gone setting trends breaking them and setting them all over again. This is a chain that began from the existence of time when man covered himself in leaves creating the first fashion of the first era and thereafter fashion has continusoly been moulded and has taken various forms.

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The heat that fashion has received has given birth to many established and emergening businesses throughout the world. Fashion marketers have found various way to penetrate into the most backward and ordianry of streets breaking the formal national and international boundaries via use of internet and high tech devices.

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One of the most well renowned stores that have a world wide reputation for apparel girls is forever 21. The store ensures that women have access to a stream of new styles. The company offers competitive pricing for all its products They also have accessories such as belts, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, hats, and jewelry items like earrings, rings, and necklaces.

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Old navy is a fairly good place for buying apparel girls with trendy clothing style that is mostly casual.They do carry slacks and button up shirts for work as well. They have a variety of pants, jeans and solid color t-shirts. Another store famous in apparel girls is Lane Bryant which carries casual and dressy fashionable clothing. If you are looking for any type of jeans then Lane Bryant is a good place to come to.

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Their prices are a little high and if you caan afford the prices then it is definitely a good store to visit. They also have a great collection of fancy dresses if you are looking for something nice for a special occasion. A fine collection of apparel girls can be found in the store Torrent which has trendy clothing catering mostly to teens and young adults, Torrid is a fun place to shop for plus-size clothing, Their prices are a bit high for the masses to afford but they have great clothes for all sizes apparel girls.

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They have a wonderful dress collection as well as some really cute tops for any kind of occassions. Avenue is a great place for finding the rite kind of apparel girls for working women and they have a large collection of dresses,suits and as well as suites. Their trends are similar to Lane Bryant but there clothing line and accessories are less expensive and therefore they attract more attention. Kohl is a good department store with styles ranging from casual to dressy, trendy to contemporary, you will find a large selection to choose from in apparel girls.


One thing that is very important is that when you dress in apparel girls let it be for yourself and not for others to grab attention. Be unique in yourself don’t imitate others rather create your own style and stick to it.Sometimes when you are trying to copy the style of other people it might turn out to be a disaster on your look. Make your own fashion statement. When buying apparel girls keep that girly element in yourself and wear what makes you comfortable and makes you feel confident.

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By Anushay Q., published at 02/16/2012
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