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the Top Fashions in Men S Apparel


Men s apparel is that part of fashion that does not change as frequently or drastically as women’s. Although fashion is something that does not stay constant too long, men s apparel is unique in the way that although the trend changes, its components usually stay the same. Like shorts, t-shirts and pants are the general items that form the men s apparel but there are other items that come and go, and specifics about these are also what make the fashion trends differ. For example, the amount of fitness of the pants, their length and even there color can be a part of ‘what’s in’ but the pants itself will always be a part of the main men s apparel even though fashion is something that cannot stay the same for too long, as mentioned before.

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Fashion has long been the artists play ground and if you ever attend a fashion show, you may be dazzled when you see some of the clothes that are modeled because often they are so ‘weird’ to the lay mans eye that you cannot comprehend the significance behind them until explained so.

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Fashion is not every person’s forte and neither is every person who dresses himself or chooses his own clothes a fashion designer. Fashion designing has its own schools and concepts now; it has evolved into a subject of its own.

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Fashion designing has thus loads of concepts and variables to take into account. Among them are things ranging from cloth types and materials to height and size of the target audience. A main aspect of fashion designing is the target audience and one key aspect of the target audience is the gender of it.

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Certain aspects differ when you design men s apparel or women’s apparel, one of the most key differences between them being colors. Blue technically is a masculine color versus pink as a feminine one. But as mentioned earlier, fashion trends constantly change, and so nowadays, colors are no longer gender specific with men wearing pink and women using blue in their dresses or accessories.

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Gender is though but one aspect. When choosing clothes one thing universally acceptable: the better shape your body is in, the better your chosen clothes will look on you, but there is also a loophole. If you’re not in such good shape, you can choose accessories or articles of clothing in such a way and further dress yourself in such a way that you look better.


Men s apparel is not as tricky to choose as women’s but it is also not as easy. Things to keep in mind are, first of all, persisting trends for men s apparel, which can easily be discovered by looking at any hot fashion magazine and by hot it is meant popular/best selling. Next, you should keep in mind your own preferences for men s apparel as following trends are not necessarily easy on your body or pocket. Finally and most importantly, never wear something you are not comfortable wearing as clothes say a lot about your personality and to avoid judging eyes, wear what makes you comfortable.

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By Anushay Q., published at 02/16/2012
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