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Buying clothes may be a simple task but there is more to it than meets the eye. Spending hours in shopping malls searching for the right articles of clothing as well as the correct apparel size is something that everyone must do at one point or another in their life and cannot avoid it as clothes are a necessity of life.

Step 1

You may find lots of clothes you like (provided you’re not a picky person) but if your measurements are out of the ordinary (no matter what gender you are) you may have a serious problem in apparel size. So you spend an hour or more at the mall and you finally find the right apparel for yourself but you’re kicked back because you don’t match the apparel size.

Step 2

If you’re a man and you’re exceptionally tall or have big feet or even long arms, you may face constant problems in apparel size. One key point to remember is that all major malls that sell clothing, especially the big designers have personnel in the shops that alter your shirts or pants according to your specific apparel size, free of cost! Like if you go into a branded store and you like a dress shirt that is fitting you perfectly except it’s sleeves are too short, they will happily extend the sleeves for you, but you will have to wait a few days as they take your measurements and call their factory where your specific shirt is made and you can pick it up a few days later.

Step 3

If you’re a woman, apparel size can be even trickier. Some women are exceptionally small when it comes to feet and so finding a show that fits them can be a bit of an issue. Women’s clothes require more attention because their body is different from that of a man’s, obviously, and so the dynamics of the fashion designing change almost completely.

Step 4

Women even have a size zero for jeans and dresses (the smallest size available) where men are just require waist measurements for their pants. If men wear suits, the dynamics become more specific but otherwise the small, medium and large are sufficient enough for any man to shop.

Step 5

On the other hand women frequent in wearing dresses and jeans (alternatively of course) and so apparel size for them involves different dynamics, as stated earlier.


Fashion is something one can pursue at the risk of his own pocket and health as often, for example; in cold weather it may be fashionable (according to current trends whatever they may be) to wear something that is not so warm and in pursuing that fashion trend, you may end up looking great at the party you attended but with a cold the next morning. Fashion trends aside it is always better to wear clothes that fit you as they make you feel better about yourself as well as cause you less inconvenience when say, you walk wearing shoes that are smaller or bigger than your shoe size.

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