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Skinny jeans, straight fit jeans are sometimes referred to as fitted pants and also cigarette pants. They feature a straight and tight opening at the foot, as opposed to a taper or flare as is the case with bell bottoms. They have gone in and out of trend over the past few years, in accordance with music movements and catwalk styles. However, this is the one unisex trend in the market, so preferred by males in abundance as well. Some societies due to narrow mindedness term men wearing this apparel as metrosexuals. This fashion trend has now hit the streets and people are desperately wanting to be a part of it

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Fitted apparel pants first became popular during the 1950s in both men’s and women’s fashions. While men wore them most commonly in black, women wore them in denim or cropped, in the form of capri pants. These pants were particularly favored by stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Sandra Dee during this very era. After, the 1950s, bell bottomed pants took over the market and gained preference, and were promoted by Elvis Presley when he incorporated them into his wardrobe.

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Finally, when the 1980s approached fitted apparel pants came back with a bang, when idols like Michael Jackson began sporting them along with white socks and black loafers. As it is evident, celebrity preferences are huge motivators that determine which forms of jeans are trendy. Since, a majority of the icons including Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham are seen wearing these, they are still popular apparel items. While wearing fitted pants, one can shift from a funky, summer day look to a semi formal look with just the change of a top. Hence, these apparel pants are suitable for all occasions and are readily found in a vast variety of colors.

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Teens prefer bold and bright colors including yellow, red, green and purple, whereas adults prefer more somber colors like grey and tan. These apparel pants are a dire need in winters, to keep one warm, especially considering the fitting and material.

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Since, these pants are essentially skin fitted and follow the curves of one’s body; a specialized shop that deals in a large availability of sizes should be visited. Almost all retail outlets, dealing in apparel sell this popular leg wear item. Prices however tend to vary greatly, depending on the class of the outlet. Harrods, Debenhams and Forever 21 provide customers with expensive fitted apparel.

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Whereas, Primark, Claire’s and Boots belong to a cheaper vintage class category, and excellent quality fitted apparel pants are also available on sale sometimes. Different sizes are available depending on the shop’s offerings and manufacturers. Sometimes sizes are categorized as small, medium or large, or typically classified according to waist size, length and fitting increasing with the increase in waist size. A diverse range of colors in apparel pants can be hard to locate at every store, and one in a few possesses those rare colors that everyone wants to own.


Before visiting a store to purchase fitted apparel one should be aware of their waist size and color preference. Shops should be visited according to the budget and availability of sizes. Those who fall in the plus size category will rarely find pants that fit them; therefore they might need customized pants and will have to pay more. Overall, an individual should not purchase impulsively and rely on market research and visit plenty of shops before making a decision regarding fitted apparel. Lastly, it would be a brilliant idea to catch shops on the first of their end of season sales, where pants will be available at shockingly reduced rates!

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