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The 6 Best Plus Size Apparel


Plus sized people have increased worldwide and even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey and Kelly Brook have turned this look into a fashion statement. Gone are the days of stick thin figures being considered the only hot thing around the block! Being slightly overweight is back with a bang and as with every figure flattering size apparel is a dire need to pull off this trendy look.


Perfection is just a statement and hence, nobody lives by the entire fashion rules, however, there are some pieces of clothing that suit us more than others. Identifying these items is the key to successful chic outlook, as done by icons of fame and fashion. Initially, famous painters preferred painting full figured in comparison to the usual thin and weak figures. It was in the turbulent 1960s that fuller figures became disliked, and size apparel models began to slim down to the point of appearing emaciated. But all of this changed in 1990 when Emme Aronson defied the odds to become the first top model who was also plus sized.


Plus size people face the major problem of a gap in the back of their jeans and flabby skin protruding if they’re too loose, since well-fitting sizes are hardly available. Hence, loose waist denim should be purchased, which includes a high percentage of spandex so unflattering curves can be hidden from sight.

Essentially, plus size people should refrain from purchasing fitted tops at all costs, since they bring attention to extra weight and are not a good sight for anyone. Loose tops are to be a mandatory part of every plus size apparel, especially in the color black. All dark colors will do, as lighter colors are unsightly and make fat more prominent.

A third crucial part of any plus size person’s wardrobe is a minimizer, which is like a corset, but much looser and is an undergarment worn underneath to balance our all unevenness due to fat. When clothes, are worn on top, they give a smooth and a shockingly thinner feel and more importantly, look. Fourthly, once a plus size apparel customer reduces the thickness around the waist, he or she appears much thinner, and the desirable assets, which comprise of the behind and breast area, appear attractive.

Therefore, using large tight belts worn around the waist trick the visualizer into assuming that the person has a plum shaped figure, which is deemed highly seductive. Those who are a bit bulgy around the thighs areas should wear bell bottoms and skirts to divert attention towards other areas. Lastly, the most preferred form of size apparel during winters are long coats and during summers long three-quarter or ankle length summer dress (with sleeves), which again give a smoother much tamed outlook.

Tips and comments

Plus sizes are considered to be highly gorgeous and are more enviable than size zero and skinny figures, since curves are more prevalent. But, it is critical to dress size apparel appropriately with such an alarmingly striking figure. More attention needs to be given to every aspect of dressing, to pull off a sexy, yet understated look; making undesirable features look beautiful. Therefore, bold colors at patterns must be avoided at all costs, and heels will be a good addition to add height and reduce over-weight appearance.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/15/2012
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The 6 Best Plus Size Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.