the Best Apparel For Formal Dress
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the Best Apparel For Formal Dress

Published at 02/15/2012 21:45:40


the Best Apparel For Formal Dress

Whenever you have to go to a special event, you prefer to wear former clothes. But to choose the perfect dress can be quiet challenging. For this purpose you have to avoid the eleventh hour preparations. Because you wouldn’t like the consequences if the formal dresses are loosely fitted or make you look like a rag. The best apparel dress for men are tuxedos or three fitted suits and for women, long gown are the most ideal ones. This apparel dress also varies from figure to figure.


the Best Apparel For Formal Dress

Before the Second World War, the formal Clothing was not at all comfortable, one couldn’t move freely because they were so tightly fitted. However, after the war, the element of leisure was introduced in the apparel dress. Long flowing silk gowns created stir among all the women. They were stylish as well as comfortable.


The formal attire is different in each region. Gowns, jumpsuits and suits are more common in the west while in East, saris and shalwar kameez’s are the preferable adornments for the women. The color black is mostly worn by men and women when going out to a formal function. It not only gives a graceful look, but it makes the women look slimmer and more beautiful. In the older days, the more jewellery you wore, the more aristocratic were you considered. But with the time, lesser jewellery became the order of the day. High heels complete the formal apparel dress. The high heels not only make your legs appear miles long but also add to your confidence. But before buying these dresses, do consider your body type. If the women have broad shoulders they should go for a simple long dress. Because if they will wear something very flowing and much too decorated dress, they will look fatter. They should also avoid belts. On the contrary the women who are very slim like a reed, they should go for something that will make their figure look curvaceous. So, they should go for more belts, skirts, and pleats. Something with a collar or even V necks will look good on them. Thin women should avoid wearing black because it will make them look even thinner. They should wear more bright colors like something in the shades of red and greens. But if they decide to wear light colors like off white and beige, they should paint their lips in dark shades. Otherwise they will look like a ghost.

Tips and comments

Styling your hair is also one of the most exigent tasks. If you are wearing sleeveless simple dress than you should leave your hairs lose. But if your dress is long fitted than a neat chignon, or French twist are the best options. A neat pony tail also completes the look if the women are wearing a suit or a skirt. Plump or chubby girls should wear their hair shorter like up to the shoulders. Never wear flat shoes with formal attire. They ruin all the efforts. Therefore, whenever you go to shop for the formal apparel dress, keep in mind that you have a lot of time and money on your hands.