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What You Should Know About Baby Toddler Clothing

Published at 03/10/2012 02:16:03


It will amaze some people how fast your toddler has outgrown all of those cute little baby clothes you got as gifts at the baby shower. Now may be the time for a shopping spree and new clothing for your toddler. Even if your toddler hasn't outgrown all of those outfits yet, you may want to get rid of some of the baby clothes for some toddler outfits. Most toddlers will not need to change clothes quite as often as a new baby would.  




What can you do?

Clothes (such as baby toddler clothing) that are hand me downs are one of the best ways to goes when it comes to a toddler. If you have decided to not hang on to those cute little baby clothes, then you may want to take them to a consignment shop. This is especially true if you have decided that you either will not have no more children or just do not have room for all of these clothes in your home anymore.

You also could organize a baby toddler clothing swap with other mommies in your area to get rid of your old clothing and get your toddler some new (to them) clothing.

Remember, it is worth spending a little more on items such as winter coats and quality made jeans for your child. This is because those items will need to stand up to rough play and weather on your child.


A few places to get good deals

There are a few places that you should always check for good deals on toddler clothing.

  • Amazon is an excellent place to look for new and used items for toddler clothing. These clothes are typically marked down from wholesalers who will then pass the deals down to you saving you a ton.
  • eBay has an excellent and large market for toddlers clothing. Lots of mommies post their childs clothing on here to make a couple bucks back and this is a great place to find your  toddler a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes you are able to get a lot of clothing for an excellent price.
  • Craigslist often has lots to offer as far as toddler clothing in your area is concerned. Be sure to look around and use the err of caution when meeting stranger face to face, however.
  • Freecycle is an excellent network that is free to join and is people giving away free items that they no long want or need in their homes. Lots of people post clothing to those who need them and toddler clothing is just one good example of some of the many free items that are posted. Even if you have to drive a short distance to pick up it may be worth looking into to see what is available in your area. Also, these ads change daily so be sure to check those back often.


A few last things to remember

Remember when dealing with people online, to always check seller feedback to assure that you will not get ripped off and have to file a dispute as this can be a timely process. When meeting people face to face, make sure to always take someone with you. Sometimes people may not have the best intentions and prey on mommies thinking they may be more vulnerable. Better safe than sorry.

When purchasing toddler clothes, always buy them a little big. For example, if your toddler is in a 2T, purchase 3T clothing as your child will always get larger and typically will not get any smaller. Children are always growing and getting bigger.


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