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How To Find Discount Baby Clothing And Apparel


Baby clothing is expensive, especially if you have multiples or a small budget. It's difficult to find clothing that looks great on your baby, but doesn't break the bank. Instead of shelling out top dollar for baby clothing apparel your child will only wear for a few months, use your imagination and a few tricks to keep your baby looking stylish on a budget.

Step 1

Hit a local thrift shop to locate discount baby clothing apparel. Use a discerning eye when shopping for your baby. Give potential clothing a good once over and avoid purchasing items that are worn, torn or stained. Learn your local thrift or retail store's policy on baby clothing apparel. Many stores have special discounts on certain days of the week or a frequent shoppers club. Don't hesitate to visit the store often, as several put out new baby clothing apparel on a weekly or daily basis.

Step 2

Check the bargain or clearance rack at local department stores to score a deal on discount baby clothing apparel. Don't be afraid to start early and purchase clothing several seasons in advance. Wait until the end of a season to purchase clothing that is discounted or the store simply wants to unload. Many department stores also put out last year's baby clothing apparel in an attempt to clear out space for the new merchandise. Once again, check over the clothing carefully and point out any flaws, such as a missing button, to gain a discount from your cashier.

Step 3

Many towns have baby clothing apparel consignment stores. Parents bring in their unwanted and used baby clothing apparel in exchange for cash or store credit. The advantage to consignment stores is the quality of merchandise. The baby clothing apparel tends to be more expensive in these establishments than thrift stores, but the consignment shops are more discerning and won't accept clothing that is worn, stained or damaged. Once again, inquire about the store's policies and don't hesitate to bring in your child's clothing when he outgrows it to get a little cash in your pocket.

Step 4

Hold a baby clothing exchange with your friends to score some free or discount baby clothing apparel. If you don't have friend or family members with babies or young children, organize a baby clothing swap with the other parents at the daycare or put up a sign at your gym or grocery store. Set strict guidelines when it comes to the quality of the baby clothing apparel. Instruct parents to only bring in clothing that's in good shape. Organize the event and remember to serve refreshments to keep the parents coming back to more swaps.

Step 5

Visit thrift sales in your town to find discounted baby clothing apparel. Thrift sales are generally an excellent source of baby clothing, and if you find the right sale, you can save a lot of money. Keep an eye on your local newspaper and organize a plan before heading out. Bring along plenty of cash and start early, as many savvy mothers will grab the best clothing before you hit the sale.

By Jamie Zwyzinski, published at 02/23/2012
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