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Clothing Design Tips For Creating Vintage Looks

Published at 03/14/2012 11:01:15

What is Vintage?

Clothing Vintage outfits may be defined as garments, new or second hand, which belonged once upon a time to a totally different, era. Such garments were defined in style and design, by the prevailing attitudes and customs of the time in which they were worn. In addition the culture adopted by the youth in music and movies, also greatly influenced styles of Clothing Vintage.


Step 1

Hence to define vintage clothes, glance back, at the glamorous fifties, the Mods of the 60’s, the 70’s psychedelics, the 80’s gaudy and bold looks, and the anything goes style of the 90’s. If you have a taste, for the unique Clothing Vintage look, you will want to find tips and strategies which let you buy cheap vintage clothes and lead you to the best outlets, stores and resources, for vintage clothing.

Step 2

Make a bold style statement:

For both men and women today, clothing does not mean wearing just top of the line, fashionable garments. On the contrary, the look you want to project is subject to your individuality and personal taste, in the colors lines and threads, of your choice. Therefore it is interesting to experiment with vintage styles which are rarely duplicated and delineate your essential flair.


Step 3

Today, the trend is to ring in the old vogues, to introduce a different yet highly stylized, individual visage. Clothing Vintage garments set the trend, where the old fashion is transformed into a new feel, and a new look. Indeed on visiting a store which sells Clothing Vintage garments, you will be astonished at the variety, spelled out by these old world dressing designs.

Step 4

Flirt with fashion rules:

In the millennium, we witness the breaking down of old trends to re-fashion new ones. In this exciting journey, Clothing Vintage designs plays an important role, mainly because, vintage clothes afford you a one- of -a kind –look, and you will rarely find a copy, of your unique garment on someone else. If you have the fashion savvy then, then smartly pair and match your Clothing Vintage garments with all things vintage such as bags, shoes, hats, sweaters, belts and other accessories. Create a new look, a fashion feel and an elegant persona with the multiple array, and easy to access Clothing Vintage.


Step 5

When you buy vintage, the best option is to visit the store, where you can touch the fabric and asses its quality and color with your own eyes. You can also see how it fits you and actually smell the material before you check-out. However if you do not have the option, then shop online at the most time-tested stores, which guarantee a refund of the Clothing Vintage garment, if it does not suit you. Another point, to note is that vintage clothes have to be treated differently from your usual ones, so if they come with laundry tips, count yourself lucky.

How to wear Clothing Vintage:

Too much of a good thing can be bad. Similarly, an all vintage ensemble may spoil your chic attractiveness, unless you know how to add or subtract contemporary styles, to underline your Clothing Vintage apparel. For instance a basic, simple vintage dress can be the foundation for contemporary trimmings to accentuate your vintage statement.

On the other hand, a basic modern gown can be topped off with vintage style shoes and accessories for that mesmerizing, old world charm in a contemporized setting. So let down your hair and ‘vintage’ your way through, this season!


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