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How To Find a Makeup Tutorial Online

Published at 03/21/2012 14:45:43


Since the boom of the Internet and YouTube videos, women have been rejoicing and singing praises in their bright-colored lipsticks, simply delighted with the wonders of what is known as the video makeup tutorial, which has become widely accessible to women of all ages, across borders and nationalities.

Have you ever wondered how women in the olden days learned how to put on their makeup? Probably through their mothers, and although mothers know best, sometimes, the powder foundation trend of the 1960s isn’t a great option these days, really. Your mother can definitely learn a thing or two from you, especially since you clearly know that liquid foundation offers a dewy glow, as opposed to the piled-up, cakey look brought about by powder. Thanks to YouTube makeup tutorial videos uploaded by professional and amateur makeup artists, you can easily gain so much knowledge and skills when it comes to putting on makeup properly.

If you want to further learn about makeup and how to apply it the right way, here are some things that you can consider in searching for makeup tutorial videos online:

Step 1

Be Specific in Your Search

Instead of typing keywords such as “how to put on makeup” or “makeup tips” in the search engine, be more specific and indicate what you really want to know. Examples include “how to put on liquid eyeliner,” “makeup for Asian skin,” “everyday makeup,” “the ‘no makeup’ makeup look,” “how to make your lipstick last longer,” and many more. If you are still learning the basics in applying makeup, simply write “basic makeup tips” or “makeup for beginners.”

Step 2

Search Related Videos

If you feel like advancing or simply want more of what you have already viewed, the best way to collect more videos is by maximizing the options provided after you have watched the makeup tutorial video of your choice. For instance, YouTube offers related videos that can be seen at the right side of the screen. These videos automatically spring up, and are always aligned with the makeup tutorial video that you just watched.

Step 3

Try Celebrity-Inspired Looks

There are so many YouTube channels that offer makeup tutorials inspired by celebrities’ looks. One of the most-loved looks is Taylor Swift’s cat eye makeup, and YouTube makeup tutorial sensation Tiffany D provides tips on how to achieve Taylor Swift’s smoldering eyes. Meanwhile, Kandee Johnson offers makeup buffs the chance to put on makeup just like Marilyn Monroe, complete with red lips and black liner.

Step 4

Go for Videos with Great Reviews/Many Viewers

A great way to determine if a makeup tutorial video is effective is by its number of viewers. This almost always dictates the credibility of a video, and a great example is Michelle Phan, whose clubbing makeup tutorial video has reached over 4,500,000 views, and whose romantic valentine look tutorial has been viewed by almost 7,600,000 people worldwide. Michelle Phan is one of the most credible and well-loved makeup tutorial video providers on YouTube.

Step 5


If you have found a good channel that provides quite a number of makeup tutorial videos that work well for you, why not subscribe to this channel? The YouTube user’s expert makeup advice has worked for you, and no doubt that his or her future videos might be beneficial to you again soon. Not everyone finds a good teacher especially online, so grab the opportunity and learn more from this makeup expert.


Putting on makeup has never been so easy. Who knows what the future holds and what technological innovations will arise for women and makeup enthusiasts that will allow possibilities in sharing makeup tips? One thing is for sure for this generation of women—more and more are becoming equipped in further enhancing their physical appearance. Thanks to makeup tutorial videos available online, women look even better, and feel even better as well, which is the true essence of putting on makeup.

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