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How To Get Sd Cards Memory

Published at 04/01/2012 20:52:30


Micro SD memory cards are the bread and butter of all modern devices that use digital memory as a form of storage. If you own a digital camera, tablet (not an iPad though), phone, smart phone and even laptop (even a Macbook Pro), you have the option, and sometimes the only option, of using an SD memory card. There are three major types of SD memory cards, SDmemory cards, MiniSD memory cards, and MicroSD memory cards. The "SD" stands for "Secure Data". Although in retrospect, the security of SD memory cards are a controversial issue. So if you have recently purchased a device that uses digital storage, and want to know how to go about getting SD memory cards, we'll show you how to do just that in five easy steps.

Step 1

The first steps is, and this should always be the first step when shopping for devices that are both electronic and digital, is to check them out online. There are many companies that sell good quality SD memory cards, such as Kensington, which is the most famous. But there over four hundred SD card makers, and you should look for the one that fist your needs, budget and warranty length. Once you have found a card that suits you, you must check out independent reviews of that particular card, check out it's common faults and shortcomings, it's history, customer service and replacement policy.

Step 2

Speaking of needs and preferences, the biggest issue when dealing with SD memory cards  are their sizes, both physically and in terms of Gigabytes. Let's deal with physical size first. Most phone that support SD memory cards usually come with one, particularly smartphones, but this is not always the case, so don't bank on it. But always check out what size of SD memory cards your device can handle, is it the big SD card? Does it use the smaller Mini SD card? Or the ultra small Micro SD card? Most Micro SD memory cards come with adapters that make them as big as normal SD cards, so if you fancy a particular Micro SD card but need it to fit in the huge SD card slot, just go ahead and buy a Micro SD card that comes with an adapters, 90 percent of them do.

Step 3

Now for the second type of size, GB (gigabyte). Available sizes are 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and the rarest of them all, 64 GB. Of course, prices range accordingly as well, you can spend anywhere from $10 to a $100 buying your SD memory cards, and if you (and who doesn't?) have more than a single device, you'll most likely be better off with more SD memory cards.

Step 4

The forth step is to decide how you are going to buy an SD memory card, you can either order it online, or buy it from a store or vendor. Most electronic stores and mobile phone shops sell SD memory cars, so finding one should not pose any problems at all. Of course, insist on a return policy, and make sure you are issued a warranty, SD cards store sensitive data, and unfortunately they tend to become corrupt very easily.

Step 5

The last step is, to have fun with your new SD memory card.


  • Always back up any data you put on SD memory card.
  • Carry more than one SD card if your shooting a video or taking many snapshots.

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