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Best Shoes For a Toddler

Published at 03/05/2012 17:09:39


A child learning to walk and move is called a toddler. It can be very emotional and happy event for his or her parents. It’s also one of the important milestones of growth in child’s development. This is also the time when the parents have to take utmost care and have to keep a watchful eye on the toddler. As the child can easily walk around anywhere, this is the time to baby proof all the cupboards and low switch boxes in your house. The immediate question that arises in the minds of parents during this stage is - what kind of shoes best suits a toddler? Since babies have the most sensitive of feet and these are the shoes your baby is going to learn to walk in utmost care should be taken while buying shoes toddler.


While most pediatricians suggest that barefoot is the best for a toddler to learn to walk. But there are many occasions where wearing shoes become very important. For example if you want to take your child outside or dress him/her up for a special functions etc. A certain criteria must be followed while choosing shoes toddler. The material of the shoes on the inside should be as soft as possible so they don’t harm your toddler’s tender skin. Also it must be able to absorb sweat easily and allow the feet to breathe. The shoes should be flexible and not too rigid. It has to have space for at least wiggling the fingers. Many parents do the mistake of using very soft shoes without having a proper grip on the sole. Having proper gripping soles which don’t skid easily are features that are a must in shoes toddler. This will help them to move freely without worrying about slipping and falling down.


Even though the shoes must have room for the child to be able wiggle the toes it should also fit them perfectly. In other words, the shoes must firmly fit around the ankles and must not slip from their feet. The shoes must also be able to protect your toddler’s feet. It must have thick enough sole to prevent stones, pebbles and other elements from hurting your child. Padding near the toes is also very important so that just in case their legs hit furniture or other object it does not harm them in any way.

Tips and comments

Stylish shoes toddler are also available these days among all top brands. If you want your child to look good in his/her formative years such shoes are a must. There is also a possibility of matching the shoes with a particular outfit or dress. This will look very good for functions such as birthdays. Shoes are must for toddler when they are outdoors. Some mothers tend to overlook the need for proper shoes completely. This can do harm to the toddler. Pediatricians’ recommend taking toddlers to public places like parks or malls at least once a week as this helps them develop their motor skills better.


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