How To Buy Toddler Or Baby Shoes
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How To Buy Toddler Or Baby Shoes

Published at 03/15/2012 04:26:32


How To Buy Toddler Or Baby Shoes

Buying toddler baby shoes can be quite a process to find just the right pair for your child because your child's feet are still growing. It is very important to provide them with a proper pair or shoes because babies and toddlers are at an age range where they have just began to walk, the toddler baby shoes must have a good sole and enough support. They also must have a very comfortable shoe so that they do not get blisters on their heels from rough material. Even though toddlers' feet grow extremely fast, you must buy them a new pair of toddler baby shoes each time they outgrow a pair. Small shoes can do damage to growing feet and can be very uncomfortable.

Step 1

One of the best places that you can find toddler baby shoes to buy is at a mall location near you. You can find a great pair of shoes in no time by simply having your baby or toddlers feet measured. Many stores offer a service from employees, where they will measure your feet so that you can find the best size shoes. Instead of trying on many different toddler baby shoes sizes or guessing your size, having your feet measured will provide you with more accurate results. Every time that you buy new toddler baby shoes, you should always have their feet measured.

Step 2

Stride Rite is one of the most popular stores where you can purchase toddler baby shoes. The Stride Rite company makes all of their shoes to fit all different children's foot sizes and are the best choices for growing feet. Other stores that sell toddler baby shoes include Journeys Kids and department stores. When you are searching for the perfect pair of shoes to buy for your child, make sure that they have a supportive sole, fit correctly, and that they have enough room for their feet to grow into them a little bit. To see if your toddler has enough room, have them stand straight up while wearing the shoes and feel where their big toe comes to. There should be just a little space between the toe and the end of the shoe.

Step 3

To find the toddler baby shoes in large department stores, simply look for the shoe section. In the shoe section, you should be able to find shoes for children and adults. If there are no toddler baby shoes in this area, try looking in the baby section. Sometimes you may find smaller sized shoes and slippers in the baby area of a department store.

Step 4

Try browsing online for toddler baby shoes. This is only an ideal option if you are already aware of the exact shoe size that your baby or toddler wears. The only downside to purchasing online, is that you can not measure your feet or try the shoes on before purchasing. This means that you wont know if they fit or are comfortable until they arrive. Make sure that the store you are purchasing from allows returns in the event that the toddler baby shoes do not fit.

Step 5

Babies R Us is another great store that carries a wide selection of toddler baby shoes. This store has all of the essentials that you need for your child from birth and up. Here, you will find shoes in many popular brands, such as Stride Rite, as well as in the Babies R Us brand.


Always try on toddler baby shoes before buying. You will want to make sure that you child is comfortable walking in the shoes before you make a purchase.

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