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How To Find Your Toddlers Shoes Size


Purchasing the correct toddlers shoes size is very imporant for your child. Because their feet are still growing and they are just learning how to walk well, it is necessary for toddlers to have shoes with good support that fit their feet correctly. Shoes that do not fit can lead to growth problems and other foot problems for your toddler. Instead of guessing the correct toddlers shoes size for your child, have them measured for the correct size and width that they need shoes in. Check your child's feet regularly to see if they are outgrowing their shoes. It is your responsiblity to check this, as a child may not know when their shoes are getting too small.

Step 1

To get an accurate mesaurement of your toddlers shoes size, head to a children's shoe store near you. Some stores, such as Stride Rite, offer measuring services from their trained employees. This is always the best and most accurate way to have your toddler's feet measured because they know what they are doing and how to measure correctly. You can find a Stride Rite at a mall near you or by going to and checking out their store locator feature.

Step 2

Select other children's shoe stores may not offer measuring services to determine your toddlers shoes size. However, there should always be a foot measuring device left out near the seats where you can sit to try on shoes. This is available for you to use and take advantage of. There is no reason to have your toddler try on numerous different sizes of shoes when you can simply measure their feet first to get their sizing information.

Step 3

To use a foot measurer and determine your toddlers shoes size, have them take off their current shoes and stand straight up. Place one of their feet on the measurer and make sure that their heel is touching the very back. There should be a little tab that you can move to mark where the front of their big toe comes to. Remove your child's foot and look at the measurer to see what size it says. Repeat this process for their other foot to see if they are the same size. If one foot is much bigger than the other, you may need to order a special toddlers shoes size.

Step 4

After fnding your toddlers shoes size, it's time to pick out a nice pair of shoes. Never go with a pair that has a flat sole and feels like there is nothing to the shoe itself. This can be extremely bad for your child's growing feet and after walking around in them for a while, their feet can start to hurt. A sturdy pair of shoes with a thick sole is a great choice. Browse the shoe store until you find the perfect pair of shoes for your little one.

Step 5

Even though you already have your toddlers shoes size, it is still necessary to try on the shoes before buying them. Different shoes can run slightly different in size, so you may need to go up or down a size in certain pairs of shoes. You will also want to be sure that your toddler is comfortable in the shoes and can easily walk around in them. Make sure to try on both shoes so that they can walk around for a few minutes in them. To see is the size is correct, have your toddler strand straight up in the shoes and feel where their toe comes to. There should still be a little bit of room between the toe and front of the shoe.


Measure your toddlers shoes size every time that you need to buy a new pair of shoes for them.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/21/2012
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