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Fashion Trends For Men's Shoes


Mens fashion shoes tend to be one of the most highly sought after accessories. Shoes can break or make the entire outfit. What could be more awful when your hair are combed perfectly, your clothes are flawless yet your shoes are not the right kind and do not gel with your whole attire? Men should care about their footwear. There is no reason a man should not buy perfect shoes fashion men when a woman can spend hours on choosing the favorite pair. Stress upon the shoes fashion men, keep up with the trends and fill up your wardrobe with the right kind of shoes selection.


The oldest known shoes are the sandals dating back to 7000 BC. Shoes were initially meant to be the protecting layer for feet. The earliest designs used to be like bags for the protection of the feet. Centuries after centuries, the structure of human bones changed so resulting in altogether different styling of shoes. During the Middle Ages, shoes were created with drawstrings. Later when Europe got wealthy and became highly influential, fancy shoes were worn by people to represent the social status. Footwear with different patterns, colors and designs were developed. With advancement of the world and widespread availability of the materials, shoes have also become a fashion statement.


No single type of shoes fashion men can fit every event of your life. Different kinds of shoes are needed for different occasions. Your closet demands a dose of all kinds of footwear.casual for fun, athletic shoes for sports and outdoor activities, formal shoes for parties and workplace and the list can go and on. For outdoor activities, you can get a pair of latest regular sneakers which must fit comfortably, are water resistant and have proper heat ventilation. Basketball and running shoes make a good choice for respective activities.

Boots made primarily from leather, suede or velvet is highly popular these days. They have a cool and trendy air about them. Ankle boots in dark earthly colors go perfect with the office apparel and they add a shot of sophistication and professionalism to your outfit. Cowboy boots give a chic country touch to the attire. Wearing them can be tricky and these boots are usually about symbolizing lifestyles rather than just style.

They often look quite good with jeans, button down shirts and even with suits or khakis. Brogue shoes are the current sensation of shoes fashion men industry. Available in dark colors like black, brown and maroon, they give an air of perfect attitude to your demeanor. Dress shoes come in an extensive range of designs. Current trends include shoes with square toes with both loafers and laced up designs, and wedge heels have also crept back in. Oxfords, Bluchars and Balmarol are a few examples of dress shoes. Casual slip ons, boat shoes and loafers are the favorite kinds for hang outs. They are perfect for summer and make sure comfort as well as style

Tips and comments

Even though most men will always be reluctant to spend their time shopping for clothes, shoes fashion men, they could dedicate an hour or two for keeping up their wardrobe with the current fashion trends. It will be worth it because no matter how groomed you look, wrong shoes will end up giving you a label of unfashionable. Remember your whole look can be enhanced by a proper and decent pair of shoes. Look out for sales, browse through stores and get a few pairs of amazing shoes.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/24/2012
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