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5 Tips To Find the Best Jacket Apparel


Shopping for apparel can sometimes be a nightmare, even when it is something as simple as a jacket. Different styles and cuts of jackets make it confusing to know which style or fit looks best on your body shape. The three body shapes many women have trouble with are boy shaped, petite and full figured. Even when it is just a jacket or other basic apparel, the wrong choice can end up being a fashion faux pas. Here are a few tips to help you find the right jacket for your body shape and hiding those trouble areas.

Step 1

Boy Shaped Figures

Boy shaped figures are just as they sound, boy shaped. There seems to be no curves, no waistline, and the wrong cuts will hang on the body, making it look ever more shapeless. The best apparel for this shape is the cropped jacket. A cropped jacket breaks up the figure, creating a visible waist.

Bright colors are great to draw the eye up, but do not be afraid to try patterns and decorative designs. A jacket or apparel with some design on it can add curves to an otherwise shapeless figure.

Step 2

Petite Figures

It is easy for a petite shape to drown and be overwhelmed in the apparel or jacket choices made. To add length and dimension to a petite body try color-blocking apparel, such as the baseball jacket. A baseball or varsity jacket that is a bit oversized paired with a mini skirt or jeans doesn’t drown out the body, but rather gives it length.

Another thing petite figures need to look for in a jacket or other long sleeved apparel are narrow sleeves. Narrow sleeves will hug the arm, so it doesn’t look like the body is drowning in the apparel.

Step 3

Full Figures

Full figured and plus sized women often get discouraged apparel and jacket shopping. Everything seems to make them feel or look bigger than they are. A drapey shaped jacket can change all of that though. Choosing a jacket that is a big drapey and not too long, never below waist, is comfortable and makes the body look slimmer, especially in dark colors. Jackets with a slightly curved bottom will also narrow the waist.

Step 4

Top or Bottom Heavy Figures

One area or another can be a problem for some women. Either they are a bit too top heavy or the bottom is their problem. A double-breasted jacket is the perfect apparel to make the legs look longer to balance out the body of a top heavy women. A high waisted, low neckline jacket is perfect for the bottom heavy, giving the illusion of a higher waist and longer legs.

Step 5

All Figures

Sometimes there is a jacket that is perfect apparel for all body shapes, and that is the high waisted jacket. This can come end at the waist or just coming a little higher than the waist in front, yet remaining long in the back. A good example is the military jacket, a popular style today in a variety of styles that look good no matter what your shape is.

By Lucy Beam, published at 02/22/2012
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5 Tips To Find the Best Jacket Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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