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How Lemon Is Beneficial For Skin

Published at 02/29/2012 18:05:05


Beauty might be skin deep but everyone likes to have a skin that is healthy and blemish free. There are numerous natural and chemical-based products for skin care. Lemon juice is one natural remedy that has numerous benefits for skin when applied externally and consumed. Vitamin C and hydroxy acids found in lemons are highly beneficial for skin and this is why for centuries women all over the world belonging to various civilizations and periods have been including it in their beauty treatment for skin.

Lemon juice is a perfect home remedy for skin inflammation including acne scars. It has the power to remove dead skin cells and quickens the fading of scars caused by acne. It has high acidity levels and this acts as an effective bleaching agent. It tones and tightens and works wonders on the skin.

Washing the face with lemon juice is an excellent and easy way of taking care of your skin. A person who has oily, acne prone skin can see a marked difference in the texture and appearance of the skin when lemon juice is applied. It helps in the treatment of athlete's foot and scabies as well.

Lemon juice when applied all by itself or in combination with other natural products makes the skin healthy and clean. Aloe vera mixed with lemon juice gives the face a radiant shine and glow. When a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice are applied directly on skin that is affected by eczema and acne the blemishes dry and heal quickly. Blackheads, wrinkles and freckles can be removed when one teaspoon of lemon mixed with glycerin is applied regularly on the face.

Lemon indeed is a miracle fruit as it has amazing healing properties that not only help get beautiful, healthy skin but also beautiful nails. Massaging with lemon juice makes nails strong. If you are suffering from dry, chapped hands and feet, soaking them in water mixed with lemon juice and rose petals is the perfect, effective home treatment. Lemon juice diluted with water and frozen as ice can be wrapped in a cloth and gently rubbed on the face to feel refreshed and to remove the oiliness during hot weather.

It is also known to be effective in the fight against dandruff. Lemon juice diluted with water also removes the greasiness in the hair. A final rinse with this mixture will give the hair a shiny look. Lemon juice helps get rid of dark circles as well. Lemon oil prepared from grated lemon peels provides the benefits for the skin and body.

When used externally it makes the skin look wonderful, intake of lemon juice on the other hand helps fight various ailments. It cleanses the body of various toxins, thus working from inside to give beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. It cleanses the liver and kidney, increases blood circulation, helps in digestion and also prevents various emotional problems like depression and tension.

Tips and comments

Lemon, the easily and cheaply available, citrus fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates, and it is good for the skin and for the well-being of the body and mind.