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5 Tips For Beauty And Skin Care


Taking care of our skin is one of the most important beauty rituals a woman can have. A glowing and healthy skin can make a woman look beautiful even without makeup. A truly beautiful woman has both healthy hair and skin. Beautiful skin is not a difficult achievement if you know how to take care of both the inside and outside of your body.

Step 1

The most important tip for beautiful and healthy skin is to take care of your body by eating healthy food. What you put in, is what you get out. If you are eating junk food and processed foods, then your skin is going to look dull and lifeless. Your face will also break out with acne and your pores will become larger. It is important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to give your face that youthful sparkle. Taking proper care of your body is essential to having healthy hair and skin. No one wants to have dull and lifeless skin, but if you take care of your body, your skin will show it.

Step 2

The second tip to beautiful skin is to drink plenty of water. Water is the most abundant part of our bodies. When you are dehydrated, your skin looks dry and dull. Your wrinkles and fine lines will show more because your skin is dry and the skin cells are not plumped up as they would be if you had the much needed water in your system. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is essential to both health and skin beauty. Most experts now say that you should drink even more than eight glasses a day.

Step 3

The third tip for beautiful skin is to get plenty of rest. It may sound like a cliche but we do need our beauty sleep. If you are not sleeping well, your face will show it in the form of bags and dark circles under your eyes. Your face will look tired and your skin won't have that youthful look that all women crave. Strive to get a good nights sleep each night and your skin will thank you. It is also important to sleep on a satin covered pillow. Satin helps to prevent wrinkling of the face while you are sleeping.

Step 4

The fourth tip for youthful skin and a healthy glow is to take vitamins. Let's face it, in a world of fast food and hectic lives, we don't always eat like we should. We often are lacking in many of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies desperately need to both function and look our best. Taking a good multivitamin daily can truly help your skin. Some dermatologists even recommend using vitamin E capsules on the face. You can break these open and apply to your skin each night. You will be amazed at what vitamins can do to make your skin look better.

Step 5

The last and one of the most important steps to beautiful skin, is to cleanse your skin in the proper manner and with products that will work with your skin type. Many women think that they can just wash their face with plain old soap and that is just not the case. Using the proper cleanser that is tailored for your face, is essential to keeping your skin healthy. A good moisturizer with sun protection is also vital. It is important to have a morning and night skin care regime. It only takes a moment to ensure your skin is clean and healthy.


  • Take care of your skin!
  • Wash your face daily.
  • Moisturize!
  • Eat Healthy!
  • Protect your skin from the sun.

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By David Scott, published at 03/01/2012
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