Animal Skin For Medical Treatments
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Animal Skin For Medical Treatments

Published at 02/29/2012 18:04:41


Animal Skin For Medical Treatments

Pharmaceutical products are made from various sources. Most of them are synthetically prepared while some are obtained from plants and animals. Insulin for example is an anti-diabetic drug obtained from bovine pancreas. What are other pharmaceutical products obtained from animals? Antibiotics and vaccines are also known drugs that are prepared from animal sources specifically microbes. Today, one of the most intriguing products is obtained from animal skin for treating some medical problems. Collagen or animal skin gelatin has been gaining popularity for quite some time. Why? Read further and you will discover.


Gelatin is a known protein substance. It is derived from a substance chemically known as collagen, a substance used in many industries. Collagen is found in animal skin and bones. After undergoing several processes a gel like substances is formed. This product is already known as early as the ancient Roman period. At that time up until the Renaissance period, collagen was only used as a food component and commercialized glue. Today, with varying formulations this animal skin gelatin is now used for pharmaceutical ingredient, medication and component of cosmetic products. Studies and researches from various scientists which started during the mid 1900’s have proven that this product obtained from animal skin for medical use is greatly beneficial and safe.


In medicine, there are various uses of gelatin. Animal skin for protein supplementation was the earliest facts associated to this substance. Several individuals consume a regular dose of this product made of animal skin for promotion of healthy skin and locks of hair, strong nails and bones. Aside from that, gelatin also contains several amino acids namely Argenine and Glysine. These two amino acids aids in increasing metabolic processes. They also help build muscles for Argenine and repairing the digestive system for Glysine. Thus, animal skin for ulcers, weight loss programs and obesity is being promoted as a dietary supplement. Gelatin is not used as a supplement. Recent studies have shown that it can also be helpful in alleviating certain medical condition. It is mostly incorporated with arthritis and muscle stiffness. Animal skin for anti-inflammatory effects has greatly provided individuals suffering from chronic pain. Through the use of gelatin, pain associated with knee, joints and muscles have been decreased. It is also noted that gelatin was used as a homeostatic agent applied topically. When used as a bandage if wounds are acquired, gelatin will be able to stop the bleeding process. Aside from that, collagen is also known to promote healing process. Other uses of this product are animal skin for hormone regulation and stimulation of the immune system. With this, gelatin has become an efficient product in correlation to medicine.

Tips and comments

Although gelatin has been approved for human consumption and use, proper dosage and application should be noted. Keep in mind that there are several formulations of animal skin for various medical conditions. It is best to seek for a professional opinion before purchasing these products. Though with minimal side effects, being aware of their contraindications, special precautions and warning must be acquired. Remember, all drugs whether it is naturally or synthetically obtained, have risks. Always be careful with yourself because health is wealth.