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How To Give Your Skin a Natural Glow

Published at 02/28/2012 21:46:24


Skin represents an important part of the body. The skin's surface needs protection at all cost. For most people, healthy skin represents a healthier body. When people see our skin, they can make assumptions of how we care for our skin. Some of these assumptions are true. Years of heavy smoking, improper eating and sun exposure show upon the average person's skin. Whether you have a major upcoming event or desire healthier-appearing skin, you can find ways to give glow to natural skin. Some of these ways may require skin-care professional assistance. Other natural skin ways can be done by yourself.  

Step 1

Use simple beauty and makeup products for natural skin glow. Some people experience skin irritations when applying their products. Types of beauty products used on a regular basis include concealers, face powders and colognes. The type of body lotion you use can contribute to skin dullness. Some body lotion may have alcohol within its ingredients. Alcohol-related products can reduce the moisture in the skin and create a dull look. Perform your research via online searches and books. Researching quality products helps keep your natural skin glow. Select beauty and makeup products that have vitamin E, which can help with softness and glow.

Step 2

Uncover layers for glowing natural skin. Over time, the use of skin products can build layers on your skin. These layers give the appearance of dullness. A trip to the spa represents one way to uncover layers of skin via exfoliation. The exfoliation process should take less than 30 minutes with a reputable professional. Speak with the spa professional about your skin problems. The professional can discuse what ingredients are used. You should ask which products are used with you have an exfoliation. Some natural skin products are more abrasive and can produce friction. This friction can make sensitive skin worse.      

Step 3

Watch the level of sun exposure for natural skin. The sun produces intense rays that can damage skin slowly. Over time, the rays may dull your skin. You must protect your skin from these damaging effects. An effective sunscreen offers one solution. This product reduces the level of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation upon the skin. Aim for applying sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before you leave your home. You want the sunscreen to absorb. Otherwise, the sunscreen may not work as effectively. Each sunscreen manufacturer has a set of instructions to follow. Review the product's suggestions for the best results.    

Step 4

Pay attention to what you drink for natural skin. Alcohol, soda and sugary juices can wreak havoc on your skin. You may break out in acne or experience skin redness. You want to strike a balance between satisfying your cravings and maintaining glowing skin. If you drink alcoholic beverages multiple times a week, try switching to once a week. 

Step 5

Make sure you limit your stress for natural skin. People with high stress can experience break outs and have dull complexions. Every day, give yourself a chance to relax. You can listen to soft music, visit a park or spend time with your family. 


Speak with a health-care professional if you have severe skin issues, such as acne. 

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