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How To Prevent Oily Skin


Oily skin can be difficult for most men and women. Oily skin tends to be prone to pimples and break-outs, leaving undesirable marks on the skin of your face. Oily skin can be caused by a variety of things. A high-fat diet, incorrect grooming and medications are just a few of the causes of oily skin. Oily skin can be brought under control, however. One just needs to take inventory of their diet, exercise regimine and skin care practices to further understand how to manage oily skin. One may also need to visit a dermatologist in order to prevent oily skin. 


Step 1

Start with taking inventory of the type of foods that you eat. Do you eat oily foods such as chicken, fries and fried fish? These types of foods can promote oily skin and can lead to break outs that are ugly on the face. Instead, choose to eat foods that are more healthy, such as fruits, vegetables and copious amounts of water. These foods are always great for the health of the skin and can prevent oily skin in general because they are good for one's health. Continue to eat good foods and avoid sugary sweets and chocolate as well. 


Step 2

Take inventory of your personal hygeine. Do you take a shower every day, and do you wash your face with a good facial cleanser? If not, this can definitely promote oily skin. To reverse this, shower and bathe regularly, especially after work outs. Use high quality soaps and facial cleansers in order to wash off debris and oils that builds up during the day. Use a make up remover if you wear large amounts of make up, such as foundation and lipstick, which can promote oily skin. Talk with a dermatologist if you are having a bad time figuring out what to use for your oily skin. 

Step 3

Consider purchasing rice papers and blotting your facial skin regularly in order to remove oils from the skin. These rice papers can usually be found at most high-end make up stores, such as Sephoras, Dillards and Macys. They are litterally made out of rice paper and do an excellent job of removing make up and oils from the skin. Blotting your face regularly through out the day can cut down on oily skin, which will in turn cut down on break outs and pimples. Make sure to buy a good quality brand from the store and to store it in your purse or briefcase so that you have easy access to it throughout the day. 

Step 4

Consider talking to your dermatologist if you still have a hard time preventing oily skin. You may have an underlying skin condition that needs to be resolved with professional help and resources. Your dermatologist may prescribe special creams, lotions and soaps to use on your skin and may have you take certain medications in order to resolve the oily skin issue. Always make sure that you are advised on how to properly take the medications and to get detailed instructions on how to use the cleansing soaps. You may have to check in regularly with your doctor after several weeks to make sure that things are on track with your skin. 

Step 5

As always, lead a stress-free life away from the hustle and bustle. Oily skin is often caused by stress. 


Use fresh, high-end skin products for your oily skin. 

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By Lisa Smith, published at 04/05/2012
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