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How To Care For Your Nails And Skin

Published at 03/02/2012 16:14:11


Proper care has to be afforded to nails skin and other parts of the body. For healthy looking nails and skin, a good diet is essential. Water is very helpful because it keeps the body hydrated. This is necessary to keep skin smooth and hydrated. It is also good for the nails to remain strong and healthy. Foods rich in minerals and vitamins are good for nails skin. Include Vitamin A, zinc and essential fatty acids in your daily diet for healthy looking nails skin. Proper hygiene is also an important part of maintaining clean, well nourished nails and skin that is soft, moisturized and fresh. Here are a few things you can do to take care of your nails and skin.

Step 1

Keep your nails skin dry and clean – This almost appears paradoxical but it isn’t. Skin should remain moisturized to stay healthy and radiant. However, you should dry off your nails and skin properly when you are done showering, taking a bath or doing dishes. Wet nails may attract organisms such as fungi and bacteria, which may result to infections. If you can protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves when doing dishes, the better. Avoid touching chemicals used for cleaning with bare hands. These are usually harsh on nails skin and may cause damage.

Step 2

Don’t take long baths – Even though a long bath is relaxing and soothing, it does not do good to your nails and skin. Spending too much time in hot water will get your nails soft and your skin dry. For strong nails and well hydrated skin, care has to be exercised. Therefore, healthy nails skin call for you to observe how much time you spend in the bath tub.

Step 3

Moisturize your nails and skin – Hand and body lotion is essential for taking care of your nails skin. Apply an adequate amount and spread it evenly on your skin. Make sure to rub the moisturizer into your cuticles and fingernails. This is an effective way of caring for your nails skin.

Step 4

Don’t touch your face with dirty hands – It is common practice among people to rub the face without much thought. However, if your hands are dirty, it’s easy to transfer bacteria onto your skin that can become irritated or even infected. Additionally, dirty hands result in grime and germs collecting underneath fingernails. This is unhygienic for nails skin. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water whenever you can. Carry wipes too to keep your hands clean and also wipe out your face and keep your skin refreshed. This is a simple way of promoting nails skin good for your health.

Step 5

Keep your nails short and filed and stay away from extreme sun – Well maintained nails should be trimmed habitually and nourished skin should be protected from too much sun. Nails skin do not call for too much work to care for them. You can use clippers to trim your nails. Short nails are good because they do not retain dirt. File them to shape and even them out. Conversely, apply sun screen to protect your skin if you are spending the day at the beach or park. The sun can cause damage to the skin if exposed for too long.


Don't always bath using a soap.  Once in a while just take a bath with just plain clean water alone. This is because soaps are made using chemicals, though not harmful over exposure to these elements can some times irritate the skin.


Once in a while get a pedicure and a facial to leave your nails and skin looking neat and beautiful.