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Best Way To Take Care Of Your Skin


We are always thinking of ways to protect our health by trying to eat healthy, exercising more, giving up bad habits and reducing stress and while we are doing these things, we tend to only think about the inside of our bodies or a certain part that we are unhappy with. The skin is actually one of the largest organs on the human body and, although you may not have known or ever gave it a second thought, is important to overall health and therefore should be taken care of as much as any other part of our bodies. The best skin looks healthy, feels healthy and is able to protect what is beneath it. The best skin is kept looking its best by taking care of it on the inside and the outside and below is the best way to take care of your skin.


The skin best taken care of from the inside by doing several things each day. Some of those things are drinking plenty of water, getting enough fiber in your diet to eliminate toxins, eating healthy, eliminating junk food, not smoking or over-drinking, taking vitamins and supplements and reducing stress. Some vitamins and supplements that are good for the skin include omega 3 oil, fish oils, flax seeds, olive oil, vitamin B12, vitamin E and sea kelp. Exercising also keeps your body working properly on the inside by helping with circulation and also helping you have the best skin possible.


Skin best taken care of from the outside is mostly for cosmetic purposes but keeping skin best on the outside also protects it from harmful environmental factors. For example, the best skin care you can do on the outside is to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun when you are outdoors. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, winter or summer cold or hot, sunscreen is a must at all times if you will be outdoors for extended periods of time. UV rays are still present when it is cold out and when it is cloudy as well. SPF 30 or higher is recommended and wearing long sleeves and pants and a hat is also a great way to protect skin when outside in the sun. You can buy makeup and moisturizers that have sunscreen in them for added protection or for when sunscreen itself is not feasible. Other things you can do to keep skin best looking and doing its job is to cleanse it at least twice a day, use toner and day and moisturize day and night. A weekly exfoliation treatment and mask treatment is also recommended and you can get products that are the best skin products for your skin type. A monthly or even yearly trip to a day spa for a chemical peel or facial is also a good idea. Daily exercise and a stretching regimen also help to keep skin best looking by improving elasticity and firmness.

Tips and comments

Following the above best skin recommendations will ensure that your skin is looking its best at all times and, most importantly, it is healthy and doing its job to protect your body from the harmful things you may come into contact with each and every day.

By A McEachern, published at 03/08/2012
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