How To Properly Take Care Of the Skin on Your Face
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How To Properly Take Care Of the Skin on Your Face

Published at 03/14/2012 12:59:37


How To Properly Take Care Of the Skin on Your Face

It’s often said that our appearance is a reflection of ourselves. Whether or not that’s true, the people who matter in our lives, or just have some position of power and authority over us: the boss, the interviewer, the dean- certainly seem to think so. And while you can buy a new wardrobe, or hire a stylist or take grooming lessons to learn how to walk or talk, they still might pick out where you’re slacking. Believe it or not, sometimes the answer is written across your face- or rather, the skin on your face. Yes, taking care of your self- your health including your skin- is actually as important as that smart outfit you just maxed your credit card for. In fact, glowing, healthy, fresh looking skin might actually save you a few trips to the mall- it does just as well! We’ll attempt to show you how to do just that.

Step 1

The first thing you need to determine is your skin type. This does matter because treatments and techniques vary from type to type. Is it dry, oily or normal? Or is it a combination or sensitive?

Step 2

Dry skin requires washing with warm water and a good creamy cleanser at least once every day. Don’t like cleansers? Cream soap also does the trick. This is important because dry skin lacks the oil and elasticity that healthy skin is supposed to have and tends to dehydrate quickly. If you feel the need to use toners or make-up for the scaly feel of excessive dehydration, remember to avoid those with alcohol. This goes for both men and women. On how to take care of oily skin, we would again recommend non-alcoholic toners and facial wipes, as well as washing up with non-foaming cleanser and warm water twice a day since oily skin is more prone to attract dirt and thus is more prone to pimples and acne.

Step 3

Facial skin that is dry at the cheeks, oily at the nose and changes with the season is normal skin. On how to take care of this skin type, we’d recommend using cleansers, toners and wipes (non-alcoholic) that are specified for your skin type. Remember to moisturize the dry areas- well.

Step 4

Though they’re often considered the same, normal skin is actually different from combination skin types and thus, so when looking up how to treat it, remember that combination skin’s requirements are different. We’d recommend consulting a dermatologist before attempting to treat any blemishes but would advise treating each patch as per its requirements- if its oily, wash twice a day, if its dry, limit to once.

Step 5

In the case of sensitive skin, the kind that is prone to rashes and burns from make-up, sunlight, etc - look for products that sooth your skin. Again, a dermatologist can guide you how to take care of your skin the best. Think gentle, fragrance free and again- no alcohol.


How To Properly Take Care Of the Skin on Your Face

When it comes to your skin, or specifically, how to take care of it, there are some habits you need to pick up- starting now. Eat healthy, drink a lot (water, every one. We’re talking about H2O) and get some sleep (at the right hours). A healthy lifestyle is detrimental to your health. Sun block is your friend- good job on soaking up that vitamin D, but those stories about ultra violet rays are actually true so use sun block liberally. While SPF 15-30 work well in cooler climates, areas in South Asia (think: India, Pakistan) can require SPF 50-100 in some regions. Cleanse gently- don’t overdo it. And- teenagers, pay attention- remember to clean residual make-up. It can cause ugly rashes and block your pores if left un-cleaned. Also, your skin type might have specific requirements per season so, again, on how to get the job done? Consult a dermatologist.

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