The Best Cleanser For My Skin
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The Best Cleanser For My Skin

Published at 03/22/2012 00:30:25


The Best Cleanser For My Skin

Facial cleansers are of high importance for my skin. They not only remove the dirt from the pores and makeup, bust also balance the level of skin pH. Since the best way to find out what works for me is to put it on my skin, choosing the best cleanser from the numerous brands on the market is a challenging mission, but not impossible. I narrow down the search with a few criteria like: skin type and type of cleanser, brand and price, ingredients, product reviews.


The Best Cleanser For My Skin

My skin type is the first thing I consider when I search for the best cleanser. For the oily and blemished complexions dermatologists recommend products which have mild cleaning effects like those which come under the form of a soft foam or gel. These are less likely to remove the makeup, but are the best for acne prone complexions. People with dry skin should use creamy or oil cleansers with nourishing proprieties and those with regular skin can use everything, including the exfoliating and scrub cleansers. Face cleansers should also be chosen with the season because while during winter the skin become drier than usually and needs a softer product with more nourishing proprieties, during summer, when the skin tends to be oily, a more active cleanser to control the sebaceous glands is the proper choice
After I decide on one cleanser which I think it fits my skin needs, I always look on the label to see what ingredients it contains. If there are some vitamins like vitamin A for example, it has high chances to be added to my cabinet, instead if I see it contains alcohol or sodium lauryl in increased quantities, I put the cleanser back on the shelves because I don’t want to risk a skin irritation or even worse, an allergy.
If we are to talk about the price, even though the expensive products are generally considered the best, this is not a rule. I use a less expensive cleanser from Avon which costs around $6 and I find it very good. The Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Foaming Cleanser Acne Pimple Treatment contains 2.0% salicylic acid and acts against blemishes and blackheads effectively. I use to wash my face with this cleanser twice a day and it doesn’t leave the skin too dry.


The brand which signs the product is not a decisive factor, but it influences me. I feel more comfortable and safe buying from a well known brand than from an unknown one. My skin is sensitive and I don’t want to risk some rashes just for the sake of trying.
Another thing which helps me to choose the best cleanser for my skin is the customers’ feedback. I usually avoid products with negative reviews, but this is a subjective criterion and I might loose some good products.

Tips and comments

My best friends’ recommendations and advices are also useful to me and very often I buy a cleanser only after she tries it first.
All these said, the best cleanser is not the most expensive one or the most promoted one, but the one which fits my skin type and skin issues.