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About Skin Products Designed Especially For Men

Published at 03/14/2012 23:50:04


It is still quite common for men to give the impression that they do not care about
things like their skin. It’s manly to not care about such things. In most cultures skin
products are associated with female cosmetics which enhance feminine beauty. That
is why most men will either not use skin products or will not openly admit to using
them. But times are slowly changing and we are seeing throughout the world a shift
toward a masculinity which is comfortable with taking pride in using cosmetics. What
exactly has caused this shift is difficult to say but what is for sure is that there are
increasingly more products available in the market specifically for men skin.


Even today though there are still huge differences in the way men and women take
care of their skin. Men generally spend much less time taking care of their skin as
compared to women. The key difference between women’s and men skin is that men
are much more likely to expose their skin to excessive sunlight or other harmful
materials. This is mostly due to men working more outside in the direct sunlight.
One of the main functions of men skin care products to cleanse the skin of harmful
substances that may have settled on their skin from air pollution. Oil and dirt are
the two most common things to get stuck on your skin and so using a face cleanser
product is highly recommended. If you do not use a cleanser it will increase the
chance of getting pimples or acne due to the pores of your skin becoming blocked
from the oil and dirty.


In very hot and dry climates it is important to give your skin a little extra moisture
as the dry air tends to remove the natural moisture of your skin. Using various
substances to moisturize the skin is a very old practice that dates at least back to
the ancient Egyptians who used perfumed oils. For many centuries the sought after
look was to have a pale or light skinned face as this signified that you were from a
higher class. It was assumed that people who worked in the fields would have darked
and more tanned skin whereas the richer, more aristocratic types had light fair skin.
This desired fairness was simple for the female gender but fair men skin was also
considered desirable.

Tips and Comments

The best way to take care of men skin is to pull it back and apply some lotion
rigorously. Most beauticians suggest that men skin should be treated with men skin
exfoliation products. Exfoliation is a process of simply removing the dead skin cells
on your body by the help of product which contains usually a little silicon. It is also
advisable to use vitamin-enriched facial moisturizers as this will reduce the aging
process and keep your face looking young and handsome. Even men are known to take
care of their skin and therefore tend to have amazing skin that even women wish to have!