The Best Product For a Wrinkle on Skin
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The Best Product For a Wrinkle on Skin

Published at 03/14/2012 18:31:32


The Best Product For a Wrinkle on Skin

‘A women's greatest asset is her beauty,’ indeed that’s quite true. No wonder everyone wants to look young, exquisite and charming, and this is not only the case for women, men, equally share this same trait. Looking good is in the nature of human beings and we try our best what ever we could do to achieve that. However, with age and time one can not maintain his/her beauty forever. We get old with time and get wrinkles. Though, wrinkles might show signs of wisdom and maturity but these days that is rarely the case. No one likes wrinkle on skin since it shows the sign of getting old and elderly. These days, we have countless creams, gels, skin products, surgeries and other homemade remedies for wrinkle on skin, but we don’t need to just go and grab some products and use, and there you go with wrinkle free skin, no, we need to understand some important things first.


The Best Product For a Wrinkle on Skin

There are many factors contributing to skin wrinkle, ageing being the most vital. With aging, cells of the skin divide less which causes the internal layer of skin to get thin. As a result elastin (protein in our body which causes stretching in our skin) as well as collagen fibers (major protein in skin) that support our outer layer of skin to get loose and thereby, inducing wrinkles. Further, with ageing our skin lets gets less moist and our skin reacts slowing the healing process. Apart from this, smoking, sun exposure, level of skin pigmentation, heredity are also some of the factors that contribute in skin wrinkling.


The Best Product For a Wrinkle on Skin

There are hundreds and thousands of skin products, wrinkle creams and lotions in the market, drugstores and internet promising to give you a healthy and beautiful skin, plummeting wrinkle on the skin to an acceptably low level and healing the damage caused by excessive sun exposure and UV radiation. But do these products really work? Research shows that not all the products have gone scientific research and fail to keep up the promises they make. So what should one do while deciding which wrinkle cream to buy? There are some products in the market that slightly improve the overall appearance of your skin and make you look young and beautiful. Study shows that anti wrinkle creams with retinol have proven to reduce the fine lines and pores in our skin. Using sunscreen regularly helps a lot in abating the process of wrinkling. Use sunscreen even If it’s cloudy outside. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids or other chemical peels have also shown positive results in improving the overall tone of the skin. They work by dissolving the skin which holds the dead cells and exposing the new fresh skin underneath. Anti oxidants also help to improve the effects of wrinkle skin. Anti oxidants help to protect cells which are damaged by the unstable molecules commonly known as free radicals. Free radicals attack healthy skin cells, they are oxygen molecules are normally produced by pollution and excessive sun exposure.

Tips and Comments

Though ageing is a natural process and no matter what, the skin will wrinkle. We can’t deny this fact, but somehow by using good and effective products we can improve the overall health of our skin and get a livelier and fresh look. So before you choose a wrinkle cream be sure to see that your wrinkle cream is effective at what it does, rather than just providing a cosmetic look. Though, for wrinkle skin there are also other cosmetic surgeries, face lift and other operations, but they are quite expensive. If we take proper care of our skin by using sunscreens, eating green vegetables, fish, fruits with high content vitamin C, no doubt one can get excellent, healthier and ever fresh looking skin.


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