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The Best Treatments For Oily Skin

Published at 03/27/2012 00:32:38


You may feel that you are not finding a decent solution to remove the greasy look from your forehead and chin when you have oily skin. This is a condition that is often inherited from previous generations in a family. During the teen years, changes in hormone levels could cause skin to turn oily and result in acne outbreak.

The best treatments for oily skin can be found at home. Cleaning your face in the morning and at night with a cleanser is probably the single most effective way to manage oily skin. You can use a gentle cleanser as harsh soaps can stimulate the skin to generate more oil. Like cleansers, toners that contain salicylic acid are most effective for oily skin.


Oily skin can result from several factors. Genetics and family history can affect the make-up of the skin. Others may have a glandular condition that causes excessive generation of sebum by the sebaceous glands resulting in greasy skin.
People in the past have adopted these treatments for oily skin:
 Washing the face at least thrice a day.
 Tomatoes have been used for their astringent and cooling properties. As tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C, they are helpful for reducing acne and getting rid of excessive oil from the skin. There are many anti-oxidants in tomatoes for them to be a popular treatment for oily skin. You have to cut the tomatoes in halves and rub those halves on the affected portions of your skin.
 You have to apply make-up at least ten minutes after washing your face and not before because it will not allow the cosmetics to go down through the pores of the skin to create more blackheads and acne.


Oily skin can be treated at home. These are the steps you have to take towards treatment for oily skin:
 Keep your skin clean – The skin looks dirtier when it is oily. It is important for you to keep the skin clean by washing it at least thrice a day. The glycerine variety of soaps is effective like Pears.
 Try Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera gels absorb oil and clear out pores. Dab the gel on to your face at least thrice a day after washing and then let it dry. Keep the gel in the refrigerator for the cooling effect.
 Wipe with Astringents – Wiping the oily portions of your face with acetone or alcohol spirits can help in degreasing your skin.
 Paper Facial Tissues – They can help soak up excess oil very fast. There are oil absorbing tissues that you can buy at the cosmetics stores.
 Almond Honey Scrub – You can mix a small quantity of ground almonds with honey and gently massage or scrub the paste on to your skin with a hot washcloth and rinse thoroughly.
 Use water-based cosmetics – If you cannot live without make-up or foundations, you can choose water-based products over the oil-based types and you can select spot concealers than coating your entire face. Try to use gel blushers or powders instead of cream foundations for oily skin.


Tips and Comments

Blotting paper could be a great option for removing excess oil from your skin and the paper does not dry out your skin. These papers are lightly powdered for oily skin to reduce the shine further.

Applying masks and clays to the skin also helps draw out oils and cleanses the pores. But excessive use can dry out the skin. They have to be applied only on the problem areas and that too, not frequently. You have to remember that there is no way to completely prevent oily skin. You can watch your diet too. A reduction of fish and iodized salt in your diet is recommended for oily skin treatment.


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