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Ever wonder why mental health problems can wreak havoc in life and what are the plausible means to cope with it? One simple answer is to seek counseling on mental health problems. Counseling mental health is just as vital as physical health. Mental Health related problems may affect a person’s family and personal life. A person suffering from mental health problems shows deteriorated activity, he or she is unable to sleep well, eat well and does not feel pleasures in things which were earlier pleasurable to him. He or she has a negative outlook towards life. Depression and mental perturbance is becoming like an epidemic in both the young and the elderly. More and more people are reporting mental health problems and their adverse affects on their lives. Therefore it is essential to get counseling on mental health problems.

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If one were to investigate the probable causes of mental health problems, the investigation would reveal that there can be multiple instigators. Mental health problems may be caused by biological, environmental or social factors. Research by various scientists has also revealed that certain people are more prone to depression because they have a genetic predisposition. But here we need to focus our attention on the concept of counseling mental health.

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Counseling mental health is not a new concept; it has its roots during the end of the 1970s. This dynamic and psycho-educational concept entails people from different walks of life; these include social workers, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists. They all work in conjunction with various diagnostic models and assessment methods.

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Counseling basically has its roots in the development theory. Together these community helpers first started working in 1970 when they realized that these people lacked a professional identity. Gary Seiler, James Messina along with others who are regarded as the pioneers of counseling mental health joined forces to form AMHCA in 1976. Within a very short span of time, more than 12000 members became part of the association. A process to authorize certificates was also developed in 1979.

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These psychological illnesses can be treated with medication. Almost all the anti depressants act in such a manner that they tend to augment the naturally produced monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine. But more importantly it is necessary to evaluate the situation by a third party or with the help of a counselor instead of retorting to self treatment which may prove to be more harmful.

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A mental health counselor typically assesses the signs and symptoms, reviews the situation, makes an analysis and then suggests an appropriate treatment. The treatment may not necessarily mean taking of anti depressants, rather it may include the advice of merely adopting a hobby. The counselor may also suggest some meetings with him or her or something as simple as taking some natural soothers depending on the condition of the sufferer. In this situation an early diagnosis of counseling on mental health can help reach far better results than a treatment that is taken at a later stage.


Counseling on mental health involves working with groups of people as well as individuals to help them recuperate. It also helps people who are suffering from psychological problems. It is best to address any sort of mental stress early on and contact a professional. The professionals use different therapeutic means to deal with issues such as addiction, suicidal impulses, depression, substance abuse, self-esteem problems and stress. The experts may also help to deal career worries, educational concerns and also help resolve any problems related to psychological health etc.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/13/2012
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