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How To Get Down With the Sickness Disturbed


Down with the sickness disturbed is the second single from the debut studio of the band disturbed. It became so popular that it is considered one of Disturbs best known songs. Down with the sickness disturbed was their first single to be certified platinum in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America. Down with the sickness disturbed relates a story of a boy who is a victim of physical abuse by his very own mother.

Step 1

First, get down with the sickness disturbed reveals to every person on the planet that domestic violence against children is happening everyday and it does not spare. It could happen to anyone regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity or religion. The main aim is to inform everyone that a problem like this is universal in character.

Step 2

Second, it implies that this type of violence should not be disregarded at any level. This should be taken into account with utmost care and consideration because it affects the future people of every country and every race.

Step 3

Third, a group or institution needs to be created in order to pursue the rights of these children whose lives and future are at stake. Get down with the sickness provides a very radical way of putting forth of the interest of the children. This means to utilize every possible way to preserve the rights of children around the world.

Step 4

Fourth, is that we must fight for it. The song get down with the sickness disturbed clearly entails that without a strong force that suppresses acts like domestic violence against children these practices shall continue to emerge.

Step 5

Finally, groups and advocates of children’s rights shall pressure the government in order to enact laws that attend to this specific problem of the children. In addition certain implementing bodies of these laws shall be institutionalized such that these laws will be religiously imposed. By the presence of these institutions the protection of children against domestic violence will be enforced in a very efficient manner.


The song opened the eyes of most people and made it possible to shape opinion that there is a need to address domestic violence which is possibly done in the private confines of a person’s home. Domestic abuse related in down with the sickness disturbed is believed by psychologists to inflict serious psychological effects to children. As children who encounter abuses grew up they tend to become more violent, emotionally and psychological unstable and more likely to become juvenile delinquents. The mainstream success of the song down with the sickness disturbed made it possible for many children rights activist to mobilize their people and resources in order to attain or achieve necessary measures to protect children at home.

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In conclusion, down with the sickness disturbed open the eyes of a lot of people. It made all things possible like the children’s rights laws to enacted and strictly implemented among different states of the US and even around the world. It may just be another metal or rock song to someone but clearly its help in terms of recognition of children’s rights is beyond compare.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/13/2012
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