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What Sickness Causes You Have Burning When Urinating?


When you have pain during urination, it is usually a sign of an infection. In males, burning during urinating is usually a sign of a UTI better known as a urinary tract infection caused by bacteria entering the urethra causing an infection to the urinary tract. Another sickness that males can get is called arthritis this causes the urethra to swell because it becomes irritated, but the most common reasons why you have burning while urinating is because you have one of the two common sexual transmitted diseases either gonorrhea or chlamydia. If you have burning, it can also be a sign of a prostate infection that causes the glands of the urethra to swell rapidly. One other thing that can cause pain is interstitial cystitis, which means your bladder is irritated.

In females, there are a few more sickness that they can have that will cause pain and burning upon urinating. One of these is caused from menopause when the vaginal tissue dries out or thins. There is also less lubrication and after having sexual intercourse, this can make it burn when you urinate. Another common reason for women is having herpes. You could also have an UTI from using bubble baths, perfumes or lotions in or around that area. Vulva vaginitis is an infection in both the vulva and vagina. You could also have a bacteria virus or a yeast infection.

Pain from sickness can occur in the urethra, in the genital area, lower abdomen, or the lower back. It can affect all age groups and both males and females, even though females tend to get them more often than males. Additional symptoms may not always be present but could include cloudy urine, a change in the color of urine, foul smell or having to go frequently. You should seek medical attention if the problem persists as this could be a sign of a more serious sickness.

Treatments will vary, but antibiotics and pain pills might be given to help over come the pain and discomfort. There are some things that you can do to help avoid having an infection. If your kids like getting bubble baths, you should cut down on how many times they can get one. Both boys and girls can get an UTI from having bubble baths frequently because of the perfumes and other ingredients in bubble bath. Teach your child not to hold their pee. Tell them that when they have to go, they need to go. Over time this can cause problems and make an infection worse. If you suspect that you have a sickness, talk with your doctor. Some untreated UTI's can cause problems with fertility.


If you feel that you have a sickness with your urinary tract you should:

  • Call your doctor.
  • Putting off going to the doctor can cause other issues.
  • Avoid giving children bubblebaths.
  • Do not put off going to the bathroom. If you have to urinate, then go as soon as you can.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine at night before bed.
By Sally Vigil, published at 02/26/2012
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