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The Best Ways To Handle Sickness And Regain Optimal Health

Published at 02/10/2012 22:03:56


From the sniffles and body aches to a sour stomach and headache; no one enjoys being sick. Taking care of yourself correctly during an illness is the best way to get back on your feet more quickly. With all the information available through your doctor, on the internet and from your mother, it can be difficult to find what makes you feel better. Instead of trying old wives tales and strange home remedies, use these tried and true methods to cure your sickness and get back to your normal life.

While You're Sick

The first thing to do while you’re sick is stay in bed or on the couch. If you’re in a home filled with many family members, especially small children or the elderly, it’s better to isolate yourself to avoid passing the sickness and symptoms. Drink plenty of clear fluids while you’re sick, such as water, tea or rehydrating solutions. Avoid sugary sodas and any other liquids that bother you’re stomach. If you are suffering from nausea and vomiting, drink the liquids sparingly. The idea is to keep yourself hydrated to stave off dehydration. Use the correct medications to treat your particular symptoms. For instance, grab the pain relievers for a head or an all-purpose cold medication to treat your sniffles, sore throat or couch. Eat whatever foods your stomach and body can handle. If you’re not feeling nauseated, consume your regular diet to keep your strength. If you’re vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, stay away from rich, sugar foods and stick to a bland diet, such as crackers, apple sauce or bananas. Once again, the most important point is to stay in bed to concentrate your strength while fighting the sickness and symptoms.

While You’re Feeling Better

Re-enter your normal life slowly once your sickness and symptoms subside. Continue to eat healthy and avoid introducing caffeinated beverages or milk-based products, including cheese and yogurt, into your diet until at least three to four days after your last bout of diarrhea and vomiting. Get back into your regular hygiene routine by taking normal showers or baths. Try to get back to your regular diet as soon as possible, but stay away from junk, fatty or fried foods. Perform your regular chores slowly and stop if you begin to feel winded, nauseated or if your symptoms reappear. Jumping back into your regular routine too quickly can be detrimental to your well-being. Instead, ease back into life and don’t worry if your house is a little messy or if you’ve missed too much work. Regaining your health correctly and slowly is the best way to assure your sickness and symptoms don’t return.

Tips and comments

Don’t be afraid to visit the doctor if your symptoms persist, come back or you don’t seem to feel better after a few days or weeks, depending on the type of illness. If a prescription drug, such as an antibiotic, is prescribed, take the full course of the medication and don’t stop just because you’re feeling better. This is the cause of drug resistant bacteria and you can actually make yourself and others sicker in the long run.