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What Disease Is Called the Disturbed Sickness?

Published at 02/15/2012 17:30:07


Suffering from the disturbed sickness can have a great toll on your health and it might even cost you your life if you don’t seek immediate attention. Otherwise known as depression, the disturbed sickness causes great troubles when trying to take a rest and some people fail to fall asleep completely. Being mentally disturbed may be prompted by worrying too much on issues affecting your life such as work, marriage or anything that is of great significance in your life. The disease causes a great feeling of sadness and such people always suffer from low self esteem.

Causes of the disturbed sickness

The 20th century has caused major development in peoples lives and at the same time, life has been fast paced for many people and coping with it has been really hard. A great number of people are preoccupied with a lot of issues as they search for money to satisfy their daily needs. Being very busy has resulted to people putting their lives in great risks leading to emergence of various diseases such as the disturbed disease which causes great restlessness among people. Depression and mental disturbance has been the result of all these struggles among people. This disturbance often affects the mental health of persons and is characterized by feelings of hopelessness, great sadness and personal inadequacy among the victims. The disturbed disease also causes increased weight loss among people as well as disturbed sleep. People suffering from depression are less motivated at working and are easily irritated not forgetting a great feeling of tiredness for no reason.

Due to the high rate occurrence of disturbed disease among people, medical practitioners have undertaken various research on the illness and found that depression has a great toll on the general body health and not only the mental state. The disease causes great damage on the physical condition of the brain as well as chemical changes on the fats responsible for transmitting message signals to the brain. Imbalances on these neurotransmitters affect the coordination of the body of the victims. The disturbed sickness also has been found to be contributed by acute medical conditions such as heart disease, HIV as well as cancer. The disease also worsens these medical conditions as it weakens the body’s immune system making it less resistance to diseases. Other mental disorders like eating anxiety and anxiety have also been associated with the disturbed disease.

Tips on fighting the disturbed sickness

Once a person observes any of the above explained symptoms, it’s advisable to consult a physician immediately especially if the depression is affecting the social functioning and normal activities lie eating and work. The bad thing about suffering from the disturbed sickness is that most people are always in denial and will thus continue suffering in silence as their condition worsens. Some people who experience the symptoms of anger and irritability result to substance abuse such as alcohol which is a major setback in fighting depression. People suffering from the disturbed disease are always advised to seek help as the disease can drive a person into committing suicide if not well taken care of.


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