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What Are the Main Causes Of Sickness Accident?

Published at 02/19/2012 10:24:12

What are the main causes of sickness accident?

Sickness accident and its causes can be of at least a thousand types. No list can ever be exhaustive of the types and reason for sickness accident. Here in this article we will try and discuss a few causes of sickness and accidents and even try to see if they are in some way related to each other. According to the dictionary, a disease is an abnormal condition in our body. It is associated with some specific symptoms and signs. It can be caused by an infectious disease, or by internal problems such as poor immunity. Disease is sometimes defined as something that causes pain, suffering or death to the person afflicted.

Causes of sickness accident can be many, ranging from social, economical, environmental and political factors. A few sickness accidents can be contagious, too. Influenza and some sexually transmitted diseases can jump from one host to another and are infectious diseases.

Natural and age-related causes are the reason for maximum deaths in the world. They are also the primary reason for sickness accident. Of about 150,000 deaths a day across the globe, about two thirds are caused by age-related complications. With old age, the resistive power of the body also diminishes, making it more vulnerable to various sickness accidents. At old age, the body's immune system is unable to fight any foreign virus or other micro organism which carry diseases and thus the body becomes more prone to such attacks. Graying of hair and wrinkling of skin should not be seen as a disease or a cause as it is just a sign of a body getting old and nothing more. An old body is also more susceptible to accident and might be unable to recover from it due to the frailty of the immune system.

In developing countries, cleanliness and social and environment-related problems are the major causes of sickness accident. Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria, and it kills 1.7 million people each year. Malaria causes deaths of about 1-3 million out of 400–900 million cases. It is estimated that AIDS death toll might reach 90–100 million in Africa by the year 2025. Many such causes of death and sickness accident in developing countries can be avoided by diet and physical activity and proper health care and sanitation systems.

It has been observed that many accidents can occur due to a sudden illness in a patient. Many car accidents around the world occur due to a sudden attack of epilepsy or cardiac arrest in the driver. An accident can too result in sickness. A person who had a broken leg might have spreading of gangrene due to improper care and cleanliness. This is a reverse relationship of sickness accident.
Thus, sickness and accident have caused a lot of pain to human kind. They are very much a harsh reality of our lives which can never be uprooted from our system. The best we can do is to know the causes well and try to minimize them and thus diminish the harmful effects they have.



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