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How To Maintant Pumps Spa

Published at 03/11/2012 19:40:47


A spa tub or a Jacuzzi is just a large tub filled with heated water where a person can take a soak and relax. Water circulation is maintained by a pump and the water is heated using electricity or a gas heater. Solar heated and wood fire heated tubs are also available. Water change is preferably done once every four months. Sanitizers and particulate filters maintain water quality, keeping the water microbe free. Water jets and filter circulation is maintained by a spa pumps are considered as the nerve center of a spa.

Step 1

Spa pumps, if well maintained will run trouble free for 2-3 years. Manufacturers recommend a pump change every 2-3 years for a regularly used spa. Its smarter to change an old and faulty spa pumps rather than doing a costly repair. All spa pumps have two main components.

Step 2

The electric motor is the dry end and the impeller is the wet end. Spa pumps are available with two basic motor sizes: 48 frame and the 56 frame. A 56 frame pump is more economical as they consume less electricity, and at the same time delivers a better performance. Early signs of pump failure include a humming or whining sound from the motor and small puddles of water at the pump base, indicating a water leak or a seal failure.

Step 3

Longer pump life can be guaranteed if the user follows some basic precautionary measures. Parts that need timely checkup include the impeller, gasket, starter capacitor, bearings, and seals. Water pH should be well-maintained, as too high or too low values can cause erosion of the rubber seals.

Step 4

A leaking tub seal will substantially contribute to rust formation and spa pumps damage. Faulty wiring, power surges, lightning strikes are other factors to be considered. Another very common problem to be considered is thermal damage. Spa pumps should be mounted as close to the tub as possible to reduce unwanted load and strain on your motor.

Step 5

Heat dissipated by a working spa pumps should be well exhausted and the pump itself mounted at a well-ventilated place. Special care should be taken to ensure that none of the exhaust vents are obstructed or covered accidentally. Protect the pump from exposure to direct sunlight and any stray vegetation should be promptly removed. Spa pumps should be covered with a pump cover to safe guard it from debris and water contact, with proper spacing given between the pump and the pump cover. Cover stops any windblown rain and debris from entering the motor interior. Pump should never be installed at ground level.


A properly protected motor would not need any internal cleaning. A moist cloth can be applied to remove any dust and dirt from the exterior surface. Special care need to be taken to prevent any moisture entering the inside of the motor during the cleaning process. Other heat emitting appliances should not be kept in the pump vicinity. Air inlets and exhaust vent should be cleaned weekly.

During winter months, proper care should be taken to prevent snow from entering your pump casing and forming clogs. The pump should never be operated without water filled in your tub. If your pump fails to displace water, shut it down immediately. Prime your pump by repeatedly starting and stopping it till bubble emerge from the jet nozzles. Priming a pump extends its life span. Pump filters need to be cleaned periodically, and debris removed from filter basket.

Water level in your tub should always be kept at the recommended mark. If you plan on shutting down you spa during winter months, drain out the water completely and add small amount of anti freeze to the motor. A healthy spa pump is vital for a trouble free spa experience. Spa pump that is well-maintained and properly installed will definitely cause you less headache and guarantee longer life span.


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