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How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Published at 01/31/2012 16:19:37

About laser eye surgery

Commonly known as LASIK treatment, laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure performed by doctors to correct eye defects to restore a perfect eye vision. It’s primarily done to eliminate the use of eye lenses and has always been a very successful procedure. Despite the fact that eye surgery cost is a bit expensive, laser eye surgery has been increasing in popularity among people with eye defects. Laser eye surgery is suitable with certain eye defects but obviously not all. Most of the common eye defects that can be corrected using laser eye surgery operation are such as persons with myopia and those with near and far sightedness.

Laser eye surgery operation

Laser eye surgery operation is one of the most sensitive eye operations known. Due to this, it’s also one of the few types of surgeries that attracts very high eye surgery cost and is definitely not affordable to many. The surgery begins with putting pain medication in the eye and using a tape to keep the eye wide open for the operation to be done. The lids in the eye are separated by insertion of a speculum followed by making an incision on the cornea. The excess cornea material is removed which restores back your defective vision to a perfect eye vision.

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

Eye surgery cost will tend to vary on the basis of the type of the surgery where it’s done and the surgeon doing the operation. Although many clinics will quote laser eye surgery cost as low as $395, in most cases this is usually a misleading cost to attract more customers. Clients end up paying more for the surgery in the long run. In most cases, the cost of laser eye surgery will depend on the actual eye correction done and type of prescription given. In this case, the more eye correction done, the more expensive laser eye surgery will be. Other clinics will also quote a one off price list on laser eye surgery cost. The cost is fixed. The cost of laser eye surgery will also vary depending on modified procedures done during laser eye surgery. These modified operations such as Epi-LASIK are actually more expensive and will tend to inflate the cost. Always consult with your doctor on the cost of the surgery prior to the operation being done. You should also not choose a clinic offering a low cost on laser eye surgery but choose a clinic with qualified surgeons with the correct eye operation equipments.

Payment of Laser eye surgery cost

One thing that is worthy to note is that most of insurance firms will not pay for laser eye surgery cost. Also, different eye surgeons will accept different mode of payment with some accepting cash while some will demand other means of payment such as checks and credit cards. In other cases, some doctors will require full payment of laser eye surgery cost before actually beginning the operation. With all these variations in payment, it’s good to have a biding agreement before the surgery is done to avoid misunderstandings.


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