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Advantages Of Laser in Eye Surgery

Introduction to the laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery or LASIK is used for the therapy of several eye disorders. It is a very potent technique. The practice of laser in eye surgery has made it extremely easy for the cure of many disorders that are not easily treated. There are numerouseye disorders that cannot be treated as such. The lasers eye surgery is helpful in the therapy of these disorders. There are disorders like myopia; astigmatism and hyperopia can be easily corrected by laser eye surgery technique. This is a type of refectory surgery for the eye. There are loads of benefits of this surgery. People are also more comfortable while the surgery as compared to the other eye surgery. This method is very reliable and there is the guaranteed treatment of the eye disorder.

History and development

LASIK or Laser in eye surgery was developed and used by Jose Barraquer, a Spanish ophthalmologist, around 1950 in his clinic located in Bogota, Colombia. The technique has been developed very much now. The technique used by Jose Barraquer was used to cut the thin flaps in cornea so as to alter its shape. This process was named as Keratomileusis. The later evolution in the technology was done by the group of scientist that worked on the carbon dioxide laser under the guidance of Dr. Mani LalBhaumik in 1968. The discovery of this technique was publically announced in the year 1973. The treatment of first human eye was done by the practice of VISX laser system by Dr. Marguerite B. MacDonald in 1989. Laser eye surgery or LASIK is now being employed in many countries of the world and has provided significant results in the handling of eye ailments.

Advantages of LASIK technology

Many eye disorders that can be corrected by the usage of laser in eye surgery. The LASIK has following advantages:

1. Time reduction – The usage of LASIK is very fast in the surgery. The time taken for the completion of a surgery takes not more than 30 minutes. This way a lot of time is saved.
2. Removal of much visual impairment that may be caused by the eye surgery – The improvement of laser in eye surgery has made it possible to cure the eye in least possible risks. There is much such visual impairment that is now being solved by the technical advancements in the technique.
3. People satisfaction – There are more number of people that are satisfied from laser eye surgery. 92 to 98% people are very much satisfied with laser eye surgery.
4. Cost effective – There are various eye hospitals that are providing the eye surgery in a significant amount of money. Therefore, it reduces the burden of high cost too

Comments on laser eye surgery methods

There are masses of advantages of the usages of laser in eye surgery. People are now getting better method of eye treatment and there are countless people that are satisfied with this method. Fewer risks and more benefits are the two main advantages of this method.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/06/2012
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