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What Will I Find When I Visit

Published at 02/29/2012 18:42:14

Introduction is a free content hosting platform for bloggers. Through this website you can make any number of blogs on various niches. There are more than billion bloggers from all across the globe who have registered themselves on It's the best blogging tool till date because it provides ready to use blog templates and infinite storage space. is second to none as far as blogging platform is concerned. Once you visit this website you will fall in love with it because it allows you to show your creative writing skill to the entire world and you can even make money through the Google Adsense program.

No other blogging platforms provide an opportunity to blog as well as earn money simultaneously like and this is one reason why people are attracted towards this website. Many people have made millions of dollars through and the Google Adsense program. You need to have a account to start blogging. You can also use your gmail account or any other Google account to sign-in into

When you enter for the first time you will be asked to register a blog. You have to choose blog address for your blog. Next you have to choose any available template and it takes only 2 minutes to setup your blog. You can write on any topic. Remember, does not allow spamming. If you spam then your blog will be automatically deleted. You can edit your profile from your homepage. You change settings of your blog.

You can invite friends and guest bloggers to post content on your blog by changing the setting. You can decide how many post you want to display on a webpage by changing the blog setting. Once your blog starts generating traffic and it is old enough according to Adsense rules then you can apply for adsense program which will allow you to make money from clicks on ads.

On the homepage of, you can add and manage the blogs that you like on so that you can read. There is a link on the homepage on how to do mobile blogging. On the homepage, there are various resources available for the bloggers which includes direct links to adsense program, webmaster tools and blogger in draft.

Webmaster tools help a blogger to know from where and how much traffic is coming to their blog. It's a most vital tool which helps a blogger to increase traffic on their blog. After you log-in into, on the homepage you will find links to webpage of template contributors and google reader.

On the homepage, you will also find help resources like blogger status, help center, video tutorials, known issues with and help group. Blogger in draft allows you to use and test new stuffs which are added into

Tips and comments is the best blogging platform because it has many cool features which allows' a blogger to reach global audience in just few seconds. Almost all the webpages from are indexed quickly by google search engine.