How To Move Your Blog To a Custom Domain From
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How To Move Your Blog To a Custom Domain From

Published at 05/11/2012 18:39:34


How To Move Your Blog To a Custom Domain From

After the initial level when many people start blog to their hosted platforms and even than the fact is that doing this is a good start because they are free. They are trusted search engines, but sometimes it’s awkward and people have doubts for hosting a blog on someone else's webserver.

In that case you have to understand and trust the owner of the platform. They can delete a blog without telling or getting permission because they feel insecure that their blog was exposed commercially or has been through to spam. In that case, Word Press doesn’t give you permission to access the affiliate links used on their blogs which are helping in making money. For that reason hosting a blog on their server can be more difficult.


Step 1

You can host your blog on your own server and in the root of the domain. This will also benefit you in the long run. If we do ranking in the search engines, there is more trust of your visitors. If you use Word Press which is to host in your own server, you are free to have relate links if you like to.

Step 2

If you change a blog to another domain, you will have to redirect all the links to tell search engines and visitors that you have moved the files and where they are kept now, which is a big ask for anyone.

Step 3

You can search Google for "301 redirect", so that you will know the procedure. It is easy to give a link to your new blog in a post on the previous location when you move your blog from a hosted solution.

Step 4

You only have to create a new post on the precious blog .This blog is moved to another domain. Now you are in a new location, and guide your visitors where they can find you. They will visit the link to see your new blog and then you'll get the new domain which will be faster than the old one.

Step 5

All this effort can be avoided if you start with your custom domain from the beginning. A domain name is generally under $10, and hosting can be found very inexpensively.

If you want to connect a fresh blog on your new domain then log into your panel and click the little smiley face button there and press the button of New Installation. Then from the dropdown menu select your choice of domain on which you want to deploy.


How To Move Your Blog To a Custom Domain From

If you want to be still there on, leave the next field blank. If you like it to be on then put the word blog in the next field. After that you'll just have to fill your information of administrative login and click Install Word Press and here you go, your blog will be installed. You can find many free templates to customize your blog with a quick visit to your favorite search engine.


Gone are the days when creating your own website or a blog was considered a very difficult task. Now all that can be done within a matter of few clicks and you will have your own blog up and running at your custom domain.