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What does blog mean? Blog came from the word "weblog" meaning web posts. It eventually developed into "blog" when the developer of the search engine Google used it as a noun or verb "to blog" meaning to update or edit one's post. Eventually, Blogger, a blog publishing tool or a publishing platform, wasd developed.  It allows you to maintain on an online blog with some features to your liking. You can either post links, photos, and more. in order to make your website interesting, this platform can be used with many domains such as Wordpress. Some will confuse Blogger with because they are similar.

To know the background of is to trace the roots of Blogger. 1999 was the year when its creator, Pyra Labs, launched it to the world. That time, blogging was not as popular and running it for free was a huge drawback to the company. After some years of bankruptcy, Pyra Labs eventually sold its company to Google. Since then, Blogger made some improvements on its features. is a free subdomain that allows the free publishing of your blog to It only means that works only for It’s more like a strategy for Google in maintaining its popularity in the world on online blogging.

Some interesting features of are the artistic templates. You can choose from a wide variety of background templates that suites your liking. From your favorite cartoon characters, to gaming templates and even sceneries with some transitions. Aside from the interesting templates, allows you to change your templates instantly and can save up to 5 templates, allowing you to see these changes also in their preview pane. With its user friendly interface, a help panel is available and they even provide suggestions on the possible changes you intend to do. There is really no need to download additional program to make some variations in your site. Its language is basically just Javascript which can run in the Internet with no rocket science involved. No installations or downloads necessary.

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Compared to other domains, is very dynamic, very informative, and very efficient in the delivery of fast blog publishing. While content of the blog is important, presentation of the whole package is a plus. 

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